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Your A Loon

With only sixteen red states remaining on the map, you’ve changed the color of over two-thirds of the map. As it turns out, you’re still not satisfied leaving even that much red! Nancy C. will kick things off by turning … Continue reading

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Mmm…Japaleno Candy Bar’s

At long last, Jeff’s home state of New Hampshire goes yellow!  He has Brian L. to thank for finding this apostrophe oddity: This chalkboard typo in Marietta, Georgia was found by Krissy C.  Um, brace yourselves… Since we’re on the … Continue reading

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Preform Another Typo Tansaction

Let’s play a crazy game.  We’ll change the color on the map for every other state we visit with a typo find today! We’ll begin in Orchard, Michigan. It is Orchard, right? Anyway, Deborah E. snagged this one: Then we’ll … Continue reading

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Aimee Clams Her Place

The typos keep pouring in!  If you’ve submitted to us and haven’t seen your typo blogged about yet, please be patient–it turns out there are many eagle eyes out there. This is our tenth (yes, TENTH!) installment of typos found … Continue reading

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The Typo’s In The Details

Get ready for another state to go green; there’s another typo correction today! First, let’s take a moment to talk about how typos can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Yes, to err is truly human, and it’s sad to say that … Continue reading

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Your Crazy! *faceplam*

The 50 Typos, 50 States contest is in full swing! You’ve still got two and a half months to find a typo and send it in to, and if you get a correction (by permission of course), the prize … Continue reading

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For Your “Holliday”

Oh, this contest is ON. Submissions are coming in from all over the US, and another state goes green today. You’ve got nearly twelve full weeks to hunt down typos, snap photos of them, and maybe even (with permission) get … Continue reading

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50 Typos, 50 States Contest Details

Here we are on the release day of The Great Typo Hunt in paperback, and it’s a fine time to go over the details of the 50 Typos, 50 States contest. You may have already seen the video that discusses … Continue reading

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The Shear Incovince of Typos

Although it’s officially our 50 Typos In 50 States contest, you’ll note that there are 52 regions of play. One extra-large, and one kinda small: Canada and DC. We had a couple Canadian contributions last week. Not to be outdone, … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’ of a Typo-Free State

With five days left until the paperback comes out, it seems I just can’t wait a full week to show off more typo finds from members. Looking through all the entries that have been coming in, I happened to notice … Continue reading

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