Here’s Yor Porn and Beans

Hey, so I’ve got details about the contest drawing below.  Here’s a hint:  it will be live!  Like, in real time!  But first a couple of items of business.

I’d like to note that this one, coming to us from Cheryl R. in Carlisle, Ohio, did make it in time for the contest deadline.

And here’s an Albany contribution from David J, immortalizing a classic combination:


So, now that the contest deadline has passed, we’re preparing for the prize drawings, writing everyone’s name on little pieces of paper to draw from the official hat(s).  The drawings will take place on Monday, January 23, at 8 pm Eastern time–that’s two weeks from now, New Moon Monday!  They’ll be live on UStream, at this address.  I’ll also see if I can get the embedding to work so that you can watch from the comfort of the Great Typo Hunt blog as well.

It’s going to be a real-live event, folks!  Maybe we can drink some champagne together.  Maybe I’ll wear a tie.

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