One Flue Over the Typo Nest

Hello, good people.  Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  How’s your year been going so far?  Have you been keeping your eye out for mistakes?  Do you find that you’re a little braver now about discussing typos with sign owners, or are you still kind of a chicken?  If the latter, don’t worry too much– I still get nervous about those interactions myself.

I think we all have a good deal to learn from each other.  If you have an instructive tale of typo-hunting, whether you were successful or not, please share it at media [at], and let me know if it’s okay to share the story with everyone else.  I’ve already heard so many great stories about ordinary people trying to make an orthographic difference in their neighborhoods, and I’d love to be able to facilitate the sharing of those stories with others.

Valerie A. sent us in a picture from a grocery store in Columbia, Missouri:

For your inoculation against chimneys.

Only one week until the live Great Typo Hunt contest prize drawings via streaming video!  The drawings will take place on Monday, January 23, at 8 pm Eastern time, under the light of the new moon.  They’ll be live on UStream, at this address.  I’ll get a blog entry up on this site early with the video feed embedded, as well.

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