Some Reflections Inspired by the Mall

Jane and I visited the mall near Portsmouth today and I happened to notice a couple of leetle mistakes.  One was on empty carts that apparently invited miscreants to place their bottoms upon them, due to their very emptiness:

Sadly, the “managment” was unavailable.  And here, on the mall directory:

There is a certain name that lacks a certain letter in this list.  I believe you know what it is.

The visit to the mall also led Jane and me to reflect on the occasional magical or celestial tendency imparted to apostrophes.  The logo for Macy’s, rather than de-emphasize or omit the apostrophe as the designers for some corporations have been known to do (I’m looking at YOU, Ralphs), fetishizes it in the form of a star.  To wit:

Image courtesy of Macy’s

Now check this out.  This will blow you away.  Not the body of the commercial, but the ending:

Holy crap.  There is a whole animation dedicated to crowning the name of the establishment with its proper punctuation.  With a shooting star. Perhaps, between this and Macy’s, something in our collective subconscious, our Oversoul, reveres apostrophizing.  Then again, as Jane points out, perhaps there is nothing too mystical in the realm of corporate logo apostrophes, after all.  One need only examine the Chili’s logo:

Image courtesy of Chili’s

Clearly for some, the constant vigilance that is required for correctly deploying apostrophes tends instead to be a source of heartburn.

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