Spell Check Cannot Save You Now!

Spell check is grate.  Their are those who argue that we’ve become dependent on it, butt eye am knot won of them.  It remains hour own responsibility too go back and reed over what weave written.  Inn fact, they’re have bin plenty of thymes that the spell checker caught mistakes I mite have otherwise mist.

That said, there exists a temptation four sum two let the spell check replace there own editing.  Spell check itself isn’t bad, but giving into that temptation wood bee, so we cant fall pray to that trap.  If I may be aloud, hear, to offer an anecdote from my personal experience as a fare but not fantastic speller, I think yule enjoy it.  I meant to right the word “foreword” as in the note preceding the book, often written buy an other author.  Instead I typed “foreward” and got the read squiggles of doom.  Distracted and already working on the next sentence in my head, I looked back and remove the e, witch gave me “forward” as in the direction.  Squiggles gone, I rote on.

Those homophones, they Shirley can gum up the works.  Their my Maine enemy, the error most likely to trip me up, sew I no to keep an I out fore them.  Awl I’m trying to say is, put the breaks on and go back over your work.  Spell check helps, but it isn’t enough.  I won’t blame it sense I believe it dose a lot of good; I just won’t trust it to edit by itself.  That’s my job.

Oh, be fore I for get, sea if you can spot all fifty miss takes in here, mostly homophones, with no exact repeats, and none of which spell check would catch.

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2 Responses to Spell Check Cannot Save You Now!

  1. Aurora says:

    I have a spilling checker. It came with my PC; It plainly marks four my revue mistakes I cannot sea. I’ve run this poem threw it, I’m sure your please too no, Its letter perfect in it’s weigh, my checker tolled me sew.

  2. Amalia says:

    Too many bloggers and comrentems have internalized the left’s educational standpoint – grammar is irrelevant; only emotion in content matters. If anyone dares to offer a correction, they are attacked as a “grammar nazi.” I believe correct grammar is a sign of an educated individual and is indispensable for clear transmission of meaning. Call me an “elite” or a “nazi,” but when someone still hasn’t learned the difference between a pronoun and a contraction (my children did in second grade – yet even the office memos from their Christian school contain these same errors) I expect (and usually find) less than stellar logic in the individual’s comment. To/too; their/there/they’re; your/you’re; its;it’s: learn the difference and use them correctly – it’s not brain surgery nor Ivy League elitism. (Note: I am not immune from certain errors myself, but these all-too common ones are not among them.) Take pride in your language and use it properly.

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