The Book Enters the World, Squalling

Some unknown TEAL sympathizer has been at work in Back Bay.  Image courtesy of Dana.

I am eating Spaghetti-Os at the close of a long and fruitful day. The Os are the most palatable dinner option that I could find at a market some blocks away here in Astoria– by the time I got out on the great food hunt, it was almost ten and I just wanted something fast.

It was a day that began early: I found myself in midtown by a few minutes after 6:30 am. Benjamin and I had an appointment with a couple of landlines, in order to participate in an hour-long interview with the Joy Cardin NPR show out of Wisconsin. Miraculously, just before the interview I could feel myself lifting out of my usual saturnine self and into something resembling a real human being with emotions and facial expressions (the latter not being crucial for radio, but still helpful for imbuing the voice with a certain humanity). The show went very smoothly. Later in the day, we had a similar positive experience with the Jay Thomas show of Sirius/XM, which you may recall from the original typo hunt as well. Then a Salon piece popped up describing a Q&A that I had done with their reporter over the phone, and lo, it was good, and the last piece clinked into place. It was going to be an excellent first day for The Great Typo Hunt.

Here is some linkage for the above items.

You can download our appearance on the Joy Cardin show

Jay Thomas website:  hoping we can get a podcast of our bit here.  Meantime, uh… check out his Babe of the Day

The Great Typo Hunt piece on Salon — lots of commenters.  Hoo-wee!

And a special bonus link:  look at the Borders home page, down at the bottom.  Why, it’s a special video piece on The Great Typo Hunt!  You might spot a couple of familiar faces.  It bears mentioning that in any given Borders you stumble into this week, you will find our book on a front table marked as 30% off.  But of course we love our B&N, Amazon, and indie friends as well.  As you can see, everyone gets their own button to the right.

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4 Responses to The Book Enters the World, Squalling

  1. Caroline says:

    I had to fight the urge to make my sister pull over so I could fix a “typo”. We were on our way to a beach in Delaware and passed a sign for a restaurant, specifically a sign stating that you MISSED the restaurant… it stated: You should of stopped!
    should OF?!?! I didn’t have a marker big enough for that one!!

  2. Jeff Deck says:

    Yeah, that one seems to come from the way that people often slur the pronunciation of “have” after “should”– kind of an interesting typo. You should of… should have let the restaurant know. :-)

  3. Cynthia Dark says:

    Have you been able to fix the “12 Items or Less” signs in stores? Just thought I’d ask. ;)

  4. Jovita Habibi says:

    This a truly great post and may be one that is followed up to see what happens

    A comrade e-mailed this link the other day and I am eagerly anticipating your next content. Keep on on the fantastic work.

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