Great Typo Hunt Great Preorder Giveaway Results!

Hi all, Benjamin and I have finally conquered the twin dragons (or double dragons, if you will) of spotty internet access and drained time reserves, and so we would like to present to you a video of us drawing the prize-winners in our Great Preorder Giveaway. You may recall that we offered the chance to win a prize to people who posted on Facebook or Twitter that they’d preordered our book. Now, from those hardy souls, we select our winners for:
The Grand Prize: A Kodak M360 camera with 8-gig memory card
The Second Prize: A copy of the new Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, baby blue
Other Prizes: Three Typo Correction Kits!

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3 Responses to Great Typo Hunt Great Preorder Giveaway Results!

  1. Nick Garner says:

    Woot! Thanks guys. I have an idea, if it isn’t too late: Use my prize to take pictures of typos, interesting people and exotic places as you travel to signings. I will get it, along with 8GB of photographic surprises, from you at the Beaverton, OR signing. What say you?

  2. Nick Garner says:


    We can share the pictures on The Great Typo Hunt and TEAL sites. I’ll make Picasa, Flickr and Facebook albums as well.

  3. Peg O'Hara says:

    I am responding because I agree with your cause but my problem is the opposite of yours. My last name is spelled O’Hara (which is Irish); if it is spelled Ohara (it is Japanese). It has become more difficult to spell my name correctly; especially on the computer, as the computer age has advanced. It is impossible to have my name properly spelled on my California driver’s license. I have to take my birth certificate into Social Security to prove that there was an apostrophe in my last name.

    I support you in your endevour because I see typo errors everywhere these days as computers have taken over the checking of such errors for everyone.

    Thank you for your work on the problem that has grown in the past ten years.


    Peg O’Hara

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