Back At The Beach

Those weren’t typos–that’s just how my handwriting looks.  At least, that’s the story I’m sticking with, especially after today’s reading, which had us signing for nearly an hour straight.  Today we visited the Borders in Virginia Beach, the very store I’d been working at until the month prior to being picked up by Jeff on his original typo hunting road trip of 2008.  The seating area had already filled when we began the reading…

…and the place just kept filling up as the event continued.

Being back in my hometown for a reading was a wonderful experience, mostly because people from all points in the first two-thirds of my life showed up.  Scouts from my troop and staff from the summer camp I’d worked at, teachers from preschool and every grade from 6th through 12th, local Dartmouth guys–including a pair who’d interviewed me when I’d still been in high school hoping to attend, friends from work (some who were punched in), friends from school (thanks for letting me put you to work, Mat), and many, many more.  I confess I might have frozen up while personalizing a few books for high school friends as it felt a little bit like yearbook signing–it’s hard to condense a block of memories from years ago into a thoughtful yet witty bon mot.  To everyone who made it, both old friends and new, both Jeff and I deeply appreciate it.  Aside from some minor issues with the raffle, I’d say a fun time was had by all.

I should note that once again I heard a lot of people express surprise that the book signing was so much more than just the old reading-questions-signing.  Jeff and I really wanted to make sure we put together a show that would be entertaining and fun and perhaps even a little informative.  Book signings don’t have to be stale, and thanks to everyone who’s come to our East Coast events, there’s been a hearty helping of laughs and…why, just a goodly portion of general joviality indeed.

Thank you to the East Coast for a wonderful first six events.  Now we’ll be bounding off the beach, deflecting from our course due south to a northwesterly heading through Charlottesville, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, and Madison.  More typo hunting and book touring is still to come, so stay with us…

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  1. Amy Kelly says:

    Too bad you missed the Ocean City MD restaurant with “demi gloss” on the menu instead of demi glace. They also wrote “buerre blanc” on their outside menu though they spelled it correctly inside. Go figure.

    I am with you in spirit my friends – with the advent of today’s white erase boards, I am surreptitiously rubbing out apostrophes every chance I get and trying to explain that “the cat hurt it’s paw” is incorrect and that just because the paw belongs to the cat doesn’t make it a possessive in need of an apostrophe. Would love to meet you someday for coffee and discuss our pet grammar peeves. Till then, my hats’ off to you :-)

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