Cleaving Through the Land

Thursday night, we arrived in the thrumming heart of northeastern Ohio to stay at Benjamin’s friend Pam’s place downtown. We really were spoiled by a deck featuring a view of Lake Erie and the Browns stadium, as well as the food and beverages Pam thoughtfully provided us. Originally we’d left a little extra time in our schedule for Cleveland media, but aside from a couple of interviews in the morning on Friday, we did actually wind up with some occasion to breathe. And that was welcome indeed after many busy weeks.

We did catch one typo in the parking area near where we were staying:

Ha!  After witnessing so many instances of this type of sign on our original typo hunt, wherein people would just not bother to put in an apostrophe (unsure of whether to put it before or after the S, perhaps), here we have an overcorrection, and somehow wound up with two Ss.  S’s?  Eesh.

I will pause only to recommend the magnificent sandwiches at Panini’s– sandwiches that are not, in fact, paninis– before plunging on to recounting our reading on Saturday at the Barnes & Noble in Westlake, west of the city proper.  The store kind of messed up in the preparations for our reading, by which I mean that there were no preparations for our reading, but we helped them get things together.  Our audience was greatly augmented by a bunch of my relatives showing up to support the event.  Here’s a glimpse of the reading:

It ended up being a fairly successful event, with yuks all around– I’m really grateful to everyone who came out!  Afterward I spent some time with my relatives in nearby North Ridgeville, and got more free food.  Score!  My grandmother (and dad) even came out from Erie to see me.

Today my compadre and I reserved for driving from Cleveland to Chicago.  We stopped off in South Bend, Indiana along the way to catch a matinee of Scott Pilgrim, since I’d really enjoyed reading the graphic novels over the past several years.  We were able to use free movie passes that my friend Krystina gave me, so it has really been an excellent time for freebies all in all.  And now, here we are.  Tomorrow will be quite a whirlwind of activity, including chatting with a national radio host and putting on our event at the Borders in Lincoln Park.

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