The O Hi Road

Ahh, Cincinnati, home to the big revelation of chapter fourteen.  It felt good to be back, busy as we were.  The tour is slowly coming to a close, and to bring that home to us, Monday morning we had our ninth, and final, airport signing.  So as to help us end with a flourish, the GM of the Borders there spotted a typo, which he and Jeff pointed out together.

We went straight from the last airport signing to our last live television appearance of the tour.  Suddenly we’re piling on the lasts.  There we met the star of Guiding Light, and author of Changing Shoes, Tina Sloan.  It turned out our signing that evening would be competing with her one-woman show, but in spite of that we got along fantastically.

Finally, we had our reading at Joseph-Beth, where we again managed to fill the chairs.

We had a vivacious crowd and a lot of fun, and neither Jeff nor I could resist buying a book from Joseph-Beth’s seriously well-stocked sci-fi/fantasy section.  In fact, as a bookseller, I had to appreciate Dave’s handsell from both a professional standpoint and as a customer.

Ohio is one of those rare states that we’re doing three events in.  New Hampshire, small though it may be, makes a lot of sense as it includes the cities where Jeff currently resides, grew up, and went to college.  The man is, after all, a New Hampshirite.  Oregon isn’t surprising either.  Since I live west of Portland, we decided to do one on the east side of the river too, and then there’s Eugene, home of our beloved Direct Instruction.  Ohio, though, somehow just ended up having not only crucial cities from the original trip (Cincinnati in 14 and Cleveland in 15) but also ended up being where we’d come through from two different directions.  And (perhaps most importantly) we have friends in Columbus who invited us to come to town.  So it was that after Cincinnati, we headed a couple hours northeast to Columbus for a very different kind of event at the Book Loft, where instead of our usual show, we sat on a bench outside the bookstore and did more of a true book signing.  Other than the airports, this was the only time we’d done just a basic signing.  A few very enthusiastic supporters stayed to hang out with us to help us pass the time, and we enjoyed the occasion for a more laid-back setting.

Then I went to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band.  I’d only happened to see that they were playing in Columbus that night while passing by the Newport, but I hadn’t seen them since ’03, and there was no way I was missing it.  Especially since neither Filter nor Bone Thugs n Harmony met up with us at any point on the tour (sigh).  So that was a random treat, too.  Thanks, Columbus.  And thank you, Ohio.

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3 Responses to The O Hi Road

  1. Kerry says:

    What a great time I had when you came to Cincinnati! You guys are a hoot to listen to while you read to the audience. I think you need to come to my classroom sometime and open up my student’s eyes! By the way, seventh-graders asked me all about the book signing the next day, and I was proud to show off both my t-shirt and my correction kit.

    On a side note, I am jealous that C-bus had Robert Randolph to offer you…the great music seems to skip right over Cincinnati.

  2. Jeff Deck says:

    Thanks, Kerry, it was great to meet you! Hopefully we can come by your class at some point.

    Cincy’s still got the famous chili, though, right? I’ll bet your three-ways are better than the ones in Columbus. Uh. That just sounds wrong.

  3. Dennis says:

    Jeff: I just saw your clip on “60 Minutes” (rerun?) and picked up your book last week… love it so far. I’m an editor and live in Columbus, so I figured this would be a good place to comment. Love the book so far. Our three-ways are just as good here! We’ve got Skyline Chili here, too! :)

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