Stay frosty


The hulking brutes of Gears of War 3 have many talents, I’ve heard. Apparently, spelling is not one of them. Jane and I spotted this in Best Buy during a run of desperation, during which a piece of hardware had to be obtained in short order. And really, with so many online resources with better prices and selection (I’m looking at you, Newegg), desperation is the only motivation for shopping in a place like Best Buy these days.

But Best Buy can’t be faulted for this typo. The signage probably came from the Gears of War marketing machine rather than being produced by the store. So do we take this up with the publisher, Microsoft? With whom does the buck stop?

I’m more of a Mass Effect guy myself, so I can’t say I’m personally affronted by this. I’m not implying that Commander Shepard would never make a goof like this, but… well, actually, yes, I guess I would imply that.

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  1. Jill says:

    Loved your book! I saw myself in you, and applaud all you are trying to do.

    Can you possibly tackle the “I” and “me” errors that are so pervasive these days? They are becoming rampant because people copy what they hear and if they hear it wrong, it spreads all over! TV is to blame for lots of the errors. It drives me nuts.

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