California Dreamin’ of a Typo-Free State

With five days left until the paperback comes out, it seems I just can’t wait a full week to show off more typo finds from members. Looking through all the entries that have been coming in, I happened to notice that California (which has already turned yellow) has decided to really dig in and hunt down some typos. To the point where I feel like offering an all-California edition of member typo finds.

We’ll start down south, with two common typos. Cindy P. managed to find yet another new misspelling of a word we found creatively reinvented all over the country. Now she adds San Diego’s offering (and note how that mistake carries into another word there). Meanwhile, Carly K. was going to Disneyland! Which is where she found the most obnoxiously common error, the bane of my existence. By my mouse ears, Disney, think of the children!

Ana C., however, found a couple I’d never encountered. Since we just visited Disneyland, why not a trip to the State Fair as well? She caught one there and another in LA.

A classic flip there at the fair, and in LA…actually, I can’t figure out how that one happened.

Continuing northward, Kim P. found a couple of well-meaning signs, one in Mariposa and another in San Francisco.

Um, Greg? I need to see you about a different detail there…

Also hunting in San Fran, Britton J. snapped this one, which reminds me of the final day of the original typo hunt. I corrected one like this while I cop watched on from around the corner. (That was before we knew to always ask permission.) Anyway, check this one out:

Gee, that seems like the kind of message you’d to be very cear about. *Ahem* Clear about, I mean.

Stephanie G. sent in this capital typo find. By which I mean, it comes to us courtesy of Sacramento. Don’t let Stephanie’s pointing out her favorite distract you from another drink gone awry.

Eight new typo finds from California. Nice work, team.

Did I mention our paperback edition comes out this Tuesday? I did? Ah, well I guess I’m just supremely excited.

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