The Shear Incovince of Typos

Although it’s officially our 50 Typos In 50 States contest, you’ll note that there are 52 regions of play. One extra-large, and one kinda small: Canada and DC. We had a couple Canadian contributions last week. Not to be outdone, our other non-state has answered back.

Genevieve H. found this at the Washington Monument:

Personally, I don’t appreciate the implication that our first president was palling around with with sheep.

Dienna H., meanwhile and northward, found these beauties:

Then our dearest Dienna dropped down into Virginia and nabbed this unexpected find in Falls Church:

Tragic to get “bankruptcy” right and then burst into typos, no? Also, a special thanks to you, Dienna. This map had been getting pretty embarrassing with both my and Jeff’s home states still red. Now you’ve turned my childhood home yellow.

From DC & VA, let’s flip all the way over. Not just the west coast. I mean ALL THE WAY over. To Hawaii, where Aliana R. noticed this gem in Kailua-Kona:

Fun fact: Hawaii was one of only a handful of states that we failed to reach on both the original (2008) typo hunt and the book tour/typo hunt rides again (2010). Another of those states was Arkansas, from which Bev K. in Bentonville has sent us a find:

Speaking of registration problems, let’s head to Connecticut, where Kate M. has spied another in Hartford. Even though Connecticut’s already gone yellow, that’s not stopping them. One good CT typo deserves another, so here also is Robin C.’s Meriden find.

(“You thought registration was a hassle? You haven’t seen the ‘cataring’ yet!”)

The paperback magically appears in stores everywhere tomorrow. (“10/4, good buddy!”)  It looks like this now:

And it’s only $14!

And as always, I wish you good hunting, typo heroes!

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  1. Aurora says:

    Wow! I’ve never even heard of another person named Genevieve! That’s my sister’s name! And the lady in the picture looks like my mom!

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