For Your “Holliday”

Oh, this contest is ON. Submissions are coming in from all over the US, and another state goes green today. You’ve got nearly twelve full weeks to hunt down typos, snap photos of them, and maybe even (with permission) get some corrections. You need not wait, friends. On this otherwise pointless Columbus Day, you too can sail forth and “discover” something. *ahem*

This week, we’ll color a couple northern states yellow. Let’s start out west in my neighboring state of Idaho. Lindsey S. sent this previous find in from Lewiston:

For the love of Tiny Tim, where is Scrooge when you really need him?

Flipping east, let’s color Massachusetts yellow as well. Robin C. in Boston and David S. in Great Barrington have sent us these mouth-watering typos, respectively.

Ugh, it’s enough to make you lose your appetite. Well, almost.

My hunger for grammatical justice, however, is unwavering. Thus, onward we go. Maryland has gone green, but that doesn’t mean it’s typo free by any means. Stephanie M. sent in this astonishing typo from Baltimore County:

The best I can figure, these mines must be essential for the functioning of a coherent timeline. If only someone had gone back to prevent this engraved error.

Speaking of green states, Georgia wins big. Scott M., whom we met at our book signing in Atlanta last year, has taken up the typo hunting mantle and done great deeds of orthography! Witness his action-packed heroics in Lawrenceville and Dunwoody:

Congratulations, Georgia, for going green on our map, only the second state to do so. But not, I promise you, the last.

In the mean time, just because your state’s changed color, don’t let that stop you from sending in more typos. Lisa H., for instance, sent us two from King, North Carolina:

I blame the movie Airplane for the one on the left–clearly a Clearance/Clarence confusion. As for the warning on the right, they tell you about the monetary fine, but they fail to mention they’ll also dock you a vowel. Yeah, it’s that serious.

So remember, troops: There are typos out there awaiting discovery. Just ask permission when you go for the correction…and don’t park in any fire lanes!

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9 Responses to For Your “Holliday”

  1. Scott says:

    Did anybody else get a giggle out of “just because you’re state’s changed color,”?

  2. Scott says:

    Scott M. also missed the “jalapino” error, apparently.

  3. Scott says:

    Whoops. Even pedantic me misspelled the misspelling. It’s spelled “jalepino” when is should be “jalapeno”. Mea culpa!

  4. Scott says:

    And I did it again. Damn you Auto Correct! It’s spelled “jalepino” on the sign when it should be “jalapeño”.

    I blame my errors on too much IPA.

  5. Lindsey Smith says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the map and swearing that I’d be the one to turn Idaho yellow (and then green), so I was very sad to see that it was no longer red this evening. The horrible dejected feeling was short-lived, however, when I realized that was my photo and my name on the blog post. 🙂 Thanks guys. I won’t fail you! If only I could convince someone to go typo hunting with me…

  6. Jeff Deck says:

    Lindsey– keep up the good work! And sorry for the delayed comment approval… we’re in a spam war here.

    Scott– too much IPA before 5 pm? Well, I guess I don’t know what time zone you’re in.

  7. Scott says:

    Vacation, Jeff. Vacation. 2 weeks at the beach and an unlimited beer budget make for random typos well before 5 o’clock. 😀

  8. Marc says:

    I do not have a picture of this one, but it was a grand typo: upon returning from Ontario into New York a few years ago, we came across a sign at the U.S. Border declaring “Loonies and toonies now excepted”. This is a favorite, as ‘excepted’ is both a homonym and antonym with what I believe they were attempting to convey, ‘accepted’. This was very confusing, indeed. Perhaps they were glady stating that they no longer accepted these forms of coinage?

    A Google search using “now excepted” results in over 80 pages of possibilities. I am glad someone has taken the time to point to these grammatical and spelling errors. Great work!

  9. Scott M. says:

    I did find the jalapeno error, but only after I had them correct the word pretzel. I think I should get a pass on that one since it’s technically a foreign word. 🙂

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