Your Crazy! *faceplam*

The 50 Typos, 50 States contest is in full swing! You’ve still got two and a half months to find a typo and send it in to, and if you get a correction (by permission of course), the prize pack you could win will be packed full of even more awesomeness (plus, since fewer people get corrections, your odds of winning will be better).
Before we add more to the map, I’d like to point out that, of the 52 eligible participation zones (I’d say states, but DC and Canada aren’t), brave heroes fighting on behalf of the league have participated in a full half of them already. That’s right. With two states that have gone green, and twenty-two states, DC, and Canada all having gone yellow, only 26 states remain stuck behind a red typo. And now we’re going to break into that other half.

We’ll begin by turning Illinois yellow. In Cairo, Mark F. found a taxing typo, and in Chicago, Taylor M. found…I’m not touching that one.

In fact, Taylor M. seems to have an eye for the amusing. Here’s another of Taylor’s typo finds, direct from New York City:

Uhg! *faceplam*

Yes, after all that fanfare about changing the colors of the states, however, I can’t help but notice we’ve got a pretty good stream of typos flowing in from states where at least one has already been found. Thus, I feel it’s a good time to remind not to let your state’s yellow or even green status stop you from playing our game! No matter what color your state is, if you find a typo, you’re in the contest.

Eileen K. brings us another Canadian typo, from Surrey, British Columbia.

About as far from that one as you can get, Susan S. shares one from Seagrove Beach in Florida.

You know, there’s a way in which this one could have almost made sense. It’s the owners’ property, but then it’s not the guests’ property–they’re just guests.

If those errant apostrophes didn’t already crush your soul, well, brace yourself for two photos from two Karens in two states…with one tragically common mistake. Karen L. in Kansas City, Kansas sent in this one, compliments of the government:

And Karen S. in St. Regis, Montana turns her state yellow with some double trouble:

Yeah, ouch. Somehow that sign didn’t communicate the feeling of serenity I think it was going for.

Sometimes this job hurts.

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