The Typo’s In The Details

Get ready for another state to go green; there’s another typo correction today!

First, let’s take a moment to talk about how typos can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Yes, to err is truly human, and it’s sad to say that you can survive the trickiest, most difficult word you’re up against, planting it perfectly…while a simpler typo slips right by you. Let’s look at some typos finds where words like “cappuccino” (one of the words repeatedly found misspelled) are perfectly fine, but something else goes wrong.

Megan C. found this one in Canton, Ohio. Since she nabbed the picture at an angle, she’s taken the time to pull the typo out for us, but there’ll be some after this you may have to click to enlarge.

Melinda H. returns with another Alaskan typo, this one from Wasilla. (If that town sounds familiar to you…I don’t have any idea why. *wink*)

Retriever? Techniques? No, the spelling’s fine so far as I can tell. It’s a much more common problem that gets ’em.

Let’s head down to Arizona (and turn it yellow!), where Linsey G. picked up this one at the Southwest Museum. Here again, I’ve actually seen “lightning” misspelled a couple times (usually with an extra e), but that’s not what goes wrong…

The one on the right comes from Karen R. in Tucson, because one good typo deserves another as we turn Arizona yellow. In the typo-maker’s defense, that’s a small window for a long word.

So there you have it, typos can get you anywhere. In fact, sometimes you can get something right…and still get it wrong. Take a good hard look at this one from Spokane, Washington that’s brought to you by Trisha P.:

Oh, and since we’re in the northwest, let’s do something I’ve been waiting for. My home state of Oregon finally goes yellow! Whew! I have Eben L. to thank for catching this in Newport, Oregon:

Once again, the harder words seem to be fine. Lose focus for one second and the typo slips in, which is why it’s always best to take a second (and in my case, a third–thanks Carine U. for the helpful e-mail last week) look!

I’m sure Jeff will be equally happy when New Hampshire goes yellow…eventually.

But enough with changing states to yellow. Let’s turn one green!
New York, this is your time. Colleen C. found a massive sign with a problem in Olean. This is a high degree of difficulty correction due to the sign’s height and color, but (after getting permission), Colleen triumphed!


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4 Responses to The Typo’s In The Details

  1. Becky says:

    Love the paninis one. It makes me think of this old man who lived at my grandfather’s assisted-living home. He was upset that the dining hall used “foreign words.” He asked me, incredulously, “Do you know what a panini is? It’s just a sandwich with stripes!!”

  2. Marlyce Helm says:

    …to say nothing of the typo in the headline? (Typo’s is NOT plural!)

  3. david brickman says:

    I know it’s a hopeless case but, for anyone who has any grasp of Italian, the word “panini” is already plural (one is a panino). So, spelled right or not, “paninis” just plain hurts! Thanks for letting me vent!

  4. david brickman says:

    Add note: Marlyce, that’s typo’s as in “typo is” !!!

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