Aimee Clams Her Place

The typos keep pouring in!  If you’ve submitted to us and haven’t seen your typo blogged about yet, please be patient–it turns out there are many eagle eyes out there.

This is our tenth (yes, TENTH!) installment of typos found and corrected by you. None of these typos were found by the original members of the Typo Eradication Advancement League, but by YOU brave typo hunters all across this nation (and beyond).

Today I’d like to devote an entry to one special typo hunter in particular: Aimee Newfield. She embodies the original hope of Jeff, to inspire his fellows to take up arms (er, Sharpies) against a sea of errors, and by opposing, edit them. Aimee has taken on the typo hunting herself, and she’s sent along her finds…and correction.

Let’s begin with her Seattle, Washington find as that’s the only state of the three she visited that’s already been turned yellow.

Amusing as that one can be, I think my favorite Aimee find is the first of these from New Orleans, Louisiana:

So it is that Aimee turns Louisiana yellow, claming her place among the typo hunting elite. *Ahem* Claiming her place, that is.

…but wait. There’s more! Aimee spied these tough cookies in Boulder and Louisville, respectively.

Odd as this may seem, Jeff and I glimpsed the Louisville one ourselves while our friend Erin zoomed us around through town during our book tour last year. I have to say it was quite a weird shock to see something we’d spotted but hadn’t had time to snap appear here.

Five typo finds! Oh, but that wasn’t enough for Aimee, who found one more in Louisville. This one, though, was destined to fall!

I think my favorite part of this photo (after the correction, of course) is the way it’s proudly presented (rightly so!). As we turn Colorado green, I can’t help but feel as if the approving, ghostly presence of Obi Wan watches over us, contented.

Congratulations, Aimee. You’ve turned one state yellow and another green; you’ve found six typos and even scored a correction. We thank you for your orthographic deeds of derring-do!

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  1. Gafanhoto says:

    Congratulations Aimee! We got your email and checked out Hasn’t it been a while since you have been in Seattle though? I hope our website didn’t ahve any typos (hah hah).


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