Preform Another Typo Tansaction

Let’s play a crazy game.  We’ll change the color on the map for every other state we visit with a typo find today!

We’ll begin in Orchard, Michigan. It is Orchard, right? Anyway, Deborah E. snagged this one:

Then we’ll have Shelia K. turn Pennsylvania yellow with this fascinatingly sad find from College Station:

I’m glad both of our aforementioned typo hunters know where they are…because we seem to be having some trouble figuring that out today. Oh missing letters, why must you mock us right where we reside?

On to Guilderland, New York, where David J. nabbed a pair of dastardly typos:

I’m going to try not to be offended, but allow me to merely point out that my brother is *not* a soilder!

Now Lauren S. will turn Kentucky yellow with a banking error from Lexington that is not in our favor.

From Brookline, Massachusetts, Sarah F. has found what I hope is some kind of inside joke:

Will we be close? Will we really? Because if this keeps up, I’m not sure we’ll even be on speaking terms.

And finally to Tenafly, New Jersey, where Sheli F. and Lauren F. (I’d like to take a moment to point out that all three of these consecutive Fs stand for different names.) noticed something wrong with the menu…and did something about it!

Don’t get stuck on “WHIT” for “WHITE” as they may have just been out of Es. Besides, sometimes you have to pick your battles, and I think Sheli and Lauren chose well. In doing so, they’ve turned New Jersey green!

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  1. Jean Kwas says:

    I thought your book was great, but wanted to let you know I found a typo on page 231. “When did reportage became synonymous with the cracks made by the class clown from the back row?”

    I was going to correct it, but thought I should ask permission first!

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