Mmm…Japaleno Candy Bar’s

At long last, Jeff’s home state of New Hampshire goes yellow!  He has Brian L. to thank for finding this apostrophe oddity:

This chalkboard typo in Marietta, Georgia was found by Krissy C.  Um, brace yourselves…

Since we’re on the subject of absurd or otherwise fascinating spellings, let’s head to Minnesota where Jennifer A. in St. Paul and John R. in Hennepin County found these troubling typos, respectively:

Minnesota goes yellow, too!

But enough with filling the map in yellow—I know what you really want to see!  Just how many consecutive weeks can we turn states green?  Well, if you keep sending in corrections, we can’t help but keep it up!  Introducing Emily H. who took action in Bowling Green, Kentucky!  (We only just turned Kentucky yellow last week.)

The candy bar does not possess the money.  Way to work with that bank to let them know and get that fixed, Emily.  Score one for Occupy Wall St—  *Ahem*  I mean: score one for the typo hunters!

Okay, usually I prefer to end on the big win, but since it’s been a post for some weird words, I can’t help but leave you with this Painted Post, New York typo sent in by Benjamin R.:


So then, in case you were wondering, there’s still plenty of work to do.  If you haven’t submitted a typo (with or without correction) yet, you’ve still got over a month left to jump in, and I’m quite sure there are plenty of typos left to find.

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