Your A Loon

With only sixteen red states remaining on the map, you’ve changed the color of over two-thirds of the map. As it turns out, you’re still not satisfied leaving even that much red!

Nancy C. will kick things off by turning Mississippi yellow with this find from Ridgeland:

What the…?

If you think it can’t get much worse than that, Thea R. provides an example from Pierre, South Dakota of what happens when you get writing too fast:

As we return to painting states yellow, Katherine D. spied this sign in Kittery, Maine. Look closely.

Such a familiar mistake.

Speaking of familiarity, Maria B., who won a typo correction kit in a previous contest, and Jean H., a fellow Oregonian, have been typo hunting in Pennsylvania. Here are their Elysburg and Philadelphia finds, respectively:

Of course, the entry wouldn’t feel complete if we couldn’t also manage to turn a state green. Thanks to Melinda H. in Wasilla, Alaska, who turned the state yellow previously (in our first entry, in fact!) and has also taken it upon herself to see that it goes green!

Nice catch on the inconsistency, Melinda. And at a school, no less.

Well, typo hunters. We’ve got a mere fourteen red states left, and that’s our seventh green. I look forward to the moment we have more green than red, which must be coming soon…

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  1. Ardyce says:

    But the ‘corrected’ pic has an incorrect spelling…

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