Good Gord…

Typo hunters across the nation continue to find some cringe-inducing examples of grammatical folly. Read on at your own peril!

We’ll begin with a couple more finds from Florida. Scott K. at Disney World and Paula K. (different Ks) in Tallahassee found these spelling mistakes, respectively.

Oh, what a difference a letter makes. And on the right, don’t worry about “Kidz” since (I’m assuming) that’s the name of the organization, which falls under poetic license, but just beyond that there’s an extreme example of the all too common double-letter confusion.

Florida had already turned yellow, so there’s no change to the map there. Vermont, however, sits as a lone Northeastern red state, and its time has come. David H. found this one in the south-central area of the state:

Whoa. Set aside the spelling mistake for a moment and marvel: it’s not just plural; it’s been raised to the S power. As Strong Bad once said, “Your Head A Splode.” At least Vermont can go yellow, though.

While we’re in the area, we also got another find from Oxford, Connecticut thanks to Paul F.’s eagle eye. What could be more common than spelling mistakes?

Yeah, that. Oh, but think of the children!

Finally, we turn to Kansas, another already yellow state, where Carrie U. has been hard at work. Here’s a rather absurd way for an apostrophe to go wrong, found in Ottawa:

Carrie also found a spell-it-like-it-sounds disaster in Ottawa, but for this one is no longer, for she got the fix, turning Kansas green!

Hurrah! Every entry in November continued the streak of a new green state each week! I haven’t seen yet if we’ve had any more come in. Please, if you can get a typo fix (by permission, of course), send it along. We don’t want to lose this momentum. December, by the way, will be the final month for sending in typos and corrections so that they’ll be eligible for the contest (though we shall continue our efforts to turn the whole map green into 2012).

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