Gods Spaghatti For Desert

Thank you, heroes! It had looked like we were getting low on typos sent in to us, but more typos are coming in now. More typos finds, and…well, you’ll have to read on.  Quick reminder: you have just these last 20 days to snag a typo and get it to us to be entered into the contest…

Now, onto the FOOD FIGHT!

Um, I mean, here are a couple of food related typos.
The first comes to us from Christine A., who spotted a classic mistake at Disney World.

I know there’s a lot to look at, but the mistake’s one of the bigger, bold words. Look up. You’ll see it.

Next, a not so classic mistake courtesy of George T. He found this one in Kernersville, North Carolina.

I understand that it’s not a common word, but…ouch. That hurts my heart.

Continuing north, here’s one from Waltham, Massachusetts found by Aaron L.

This one will either leap out at you or…not.  My eyes went right past it at first.  And no, it’s not the fact that this sign feels the need to tell you to pay with “coins & bills.”

Speaking of parking signs, let’s not do all our typo-spotting on the East Coast. Over in Fall City, Washington, Karen S. snapped this humdinger:

Okay, clearly the uncertainty has inspired the sign-maker to try using an apostrophe in one case but not the other, figuring the sign will be at least half-right. Unfortunately, that theory, much like the sign itself, is completely wrong.

But the wyrdness is not over yet, sisters.

Karen C. has found this in Dripping Springs, Texas:

What the… WHAT?  Okay.  You know what? My reply is: That’s nice. I’m glad you finally found acceptance. I’m leaving now.

At least Texas is yellow now.

And Tennessee is green! Tim N. fixed this typo from Nashville, and he did it for the children.

Whew! Thank God that got corrected. Actually, thank Tim!

And we’d like to thank you for all the typos you’ve found and corrected and sent along. This contest is still going strong, and you’ve got short of three weeks to get yourself entered to win a prize pack! Happy hunting!

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