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We’ll start by turning New Mexico yellow.  This is actually a bigger deal than just changing the color of one state, however. Last week, we turned our tenth state green…and had only ten red states remaining. This is the moment when we have more states with corrections than we have non-participating states. Friends, by working together, we are defeating the typos! For the official contest you still have less than two full weeks, but we’re going to continue attacking this map until we turn it all yellow and green…and then completely green.

For right now, however, let’s take a look at Trina W.’s find from the Carlsbad Caverns that will turn New Mexico yellow, putting us in the single digits for remaining red states.

Classic! When we were on tour, a New Hampshire teacher pointed out that she’d seen this word misspelled so much that she felt compelled to ask us to spell it.

David H., who found our Vermont typo, is back with a couple more, one from Occupy Philadelphia and one from Ocean City, New Jersey:

Don’t be fooled by the hint of a correction that had already been applied to the one on the left–there’s more. Nor should you be fooled by the sign that gets things right in New Jersey because…let’s just say there’s a consistency problem.

Also found in New Jersey, on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, is this awkwardly worded (and disagreeing) sign spotted by Michael Kostroff:

(And yes, being on an immensely popular television show like The Wire means I won’t bother hiding your last name.)

Finally, Wisconsin didn’t want to be left out in the cold in our 50 Typos In 50 States contest, so both Deborah K. and Dean K. (different last names) sent in finds to get Wisconsin off the short list of remaining red states. Deborah’s (left) is from Horicon, and Dean’s (right) is from South Milwaukee.

Which leaves us with only eight remaining red states, so few that I feel like naming them to direct everyone to them. If you have friends in those states, let them know the mission is on and they still have time to rescue their state from infamy as Trina, Deborah, and Dean have done today!
The eight red states are: Alabama, Delaware, Iowa (There’s gotta be a misspelled campaign sign or something!), North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina (where’s Stephen Colbert when you really need him?), and the only remaining adjacent red states: Utah and Wyoming!

Plus, sadly we’ve broken our streak of states going green every week, but there’s still time to turn more green for the contest. Remember: there’s two prize packs going to those who’ve corrected typos, so your odds are WAY better if you get a correction (just make sure to ask permission!). Typos can be sent to typo@greattypohunt.com

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