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When last we left it, the map showed only eight red states.  Today, more will fall.  It’s the final week of our 50 Typos In 50 States Contest, and though things have been slowing down with the holidays…it’s not over yet.

We’ll begin in Great Falls, Montana, where Barry L. has found this:

The inconsistency in suddenly switching to a lower case letter mid-word almost pulled my eye away from the vowel trouble on the same line. *Sigh*

Next door (that’s a very relative term), in Minot, North Dakota, Sarah A. spied the most common of errors:

North Dakota had been one of our eight remaining red states. Now it’s yellow, and there are only seven left!

Now for some spelling mistakes that are almost Freudian in their ability to call something else to mind.

First, Kate D. in Los Angeles, California offers proof that LA really has all lost control:

Classic careless error…I hope. (Incidentally, the word misspelled in Great Falls is correct in this one.)

Meanwhile, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, John R. has found a sign that’s potentially too honest:

Man, we are hitting all the classics today: vowel trouble, apostrophe error, classic missing letter typo, and junction trouble. What else was there? Oh, in the category of true typos, how about a transposition?

Martha B. supplies this one from Columbia, South Carolina:

Another state goes yellow!

From North Dakota to South Carolina, we are still changing states’ colors on the map.
Keep in mind, you still have the rest of 2011 to deliver us a typo find &/or correction (by permission, of course) to be entered into our prize drawing. If your state’s yellow or even green already, you are still eligible. Though, if you’re in one of the many yellow states, we could sure use more green states, and if you’re in one of the six remaining red states, we’d love to convert the whole map to yellow at least.

If you live in Alabama, Delaware, Iowa, Oklahoma, Utah, or Wyoming, show some state pride–don’t let your state be subject to public ridicule at not having been able to find a single typo.

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