Final Typo Clearlance before Mid-night 2012

Happy New Year, friends and members of the League!  Our contest deadline has passed, but before it did, we received a frenzy of typo submissions, and corrections in particular.  Suddenly the nation (and its northerly neighbor) is a lot greener than we last left it.  Let’s start with that Canadian correction, in fact.  Sean B. took our mission to heart in Calgary, Alberta and made the following correction (the “before” version is going to make your eyes cross):

What an article insertion!  And look how he closely matched the font of the original.  An exemplary fix.

Next, Kevin T. noticed that Utah was looking pretty neglected on our 50 Typos map.  So he began scanning the landscape for typos.  Soon enough he found one in Draper:

It’s all too easy to make create typos when you’re not paying attention.

Regular TEALer Kristine K. was on holiday in Missouri when she discovered the following punctuation goof in St. Louis.  Receiving the bemused go-ahead from the appropriate clerk, she descended swiftly on the offending comma, wiping it right out of the cosmos!

Now I’ve saved a special bounty of typos for last.  They come to us from David Z., who went on the prowl in Elsmere, Delaware and sent along his findings mere hours before the New Year tolled.  I was drinking shipwrecks and champagne mojitos and watching the Delawearean deluge. First off, one of David’s surprisingly numerous electronic finds:

He also had a classic that I’ve spotted before on the opposite coast, among other places, in which the unnecessary apostrophe is deployed:

David’s fishing expedition netted him this find as well.  And the person in charge of sign programming was supposedly off duty at the time.

And this one, a curious combination of theater and leather:

Most uplifting of all, David’s adventures in Delaware included a typo correction.  And on an electronic sign, no less!  For this one, the sign programmer was indeed on duty and willing to help out.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Now that’s the way to ring in the New Year, with multiple corrections.  The TEAL spirit is alive and well in so many people.  Our contest window is over, but there’s still much to be done with filling in the typo map– many states without a correction, and even four left without so much as a find.  We’ll still be doing entries to reflect the progress of the map, so we encourage you to continue sending your typo pictures to typo [at]  Make your state proud and green.

As for the contest itself, soon we will be announcing the winners of our prize packs via a video of the prize drawing!  Two winners from the typo find pool, and two from the typo correction pool.  Who will win all that hot stuff, including the 16th ed. Chicago Manual and books signed by Will Shortz?  Stay tuned to find out.

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