TEAL Member Bios

Jeff Deck: Founder, Constituent, and Advocate

Deck has been an editor for half an age and thus came to embrace typo-hunting as the lamp with which he, orthography’s evening watchman, could brighten the world. After logging nearly twelve thousand miles, over four hundred typos found, and over two hundred of those corrected, he and his friends are eager to put the experience of their diverse adventures to use in even grander campaigns against carelessness, ineducation, and the insidious germ of apathy. Deck lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, home to Daniel Webster during the Napoleonic Wars. Coincidence?

Benjamin “Squirrel” Herson: “I’ll show you a sidekick.”

Four legendary sages/high school English teachers trained him in the arts of detail & word choice, poetic diction, careful syntax craftsmanship, and document analysis. Herson crafted a thesis concerning the end of all things, developing a sense of his own role in the eschatological battle between grammatical right and wrong. Subject-verb disagreement is his sworn enemy, though it’s those slippery little homophones with whom he’s currently engaged in battle. AKA: Ben B. Jammin’, Squirrel, Capt. Squirrel, “That Guy” (for complete list, please refer to NSA file).

Jane Connolly: Web Doyenne and Lore Keeper

Connolly came to the cause out of enthusiasm for bug hunts, after she’d long dissected various troublesome insects like the run-time error in her own field. She applies her considerable aesthetic and technological prowess to web design, the science of the l33t. She calls New England her home, all of it. It’s hers. Portsmouth, New Hampshire is the capital and governing seat of Connolly’s northeastern empire. She happens to be smitten with the handsome founder of TEAL, but that’s neither here nor there.

Josh Roberts: League Epicurean

Roberts has been a tireless defender of the virtues of correctness and justice all his adult life, a good portion of his adolescent life, and even a few days here and there during prepubescence. He currently lives in NYC, historically a bastion of superheroes and never more so than during his residence, editing films and ordering people around on TV commercial production sets.

& YOU, O Eager Leaguer!

TEAL appreciates your zeal for good grammar– we have room for you.  Tell us what you can do. And keep an eye out for TEAL action updates! History is never finished, and the next page is being written today—we’re here to ensure it’s punctuated properly. Help us. Join the League!

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