Your A Loon

With only sixteen red states remaining on the map, you’ve changed the color of over two-thirds of the map. As it turns out, you’re still not satisfied leaving even that much red!

Nancy C. will kick things off by turning Mississippi yellow with this find from Ridgeland:

What the…?

If you think it can’t get much worse than that, Thea R. provides an example from Pierre, South Dakota of what happens when you get writing too fast:

As we return to painting states yellow, Katherine D. spied this sign in Kittery, Maine. Look closely.

Such a familiar mistake.

Speaking of familiarity, Maria B., who won a typo correction kit in a previous contest, and Jean H., a fellow Oregonian, have been typo hunting in Pennsylvania. Here are their Elysburg and Philadelphia finds, respectively:

Of course, the entry wouldn’t feel complete if we couldn’t also manage to turn a state green. Thanks to Melinda H. in Wasilla, Alaska, who turned the state yellow previously (in our first entry, in fact!) and has also taken it upon herself to see that it goes green!

Nice catch on the inconsistency, Melinda. And at a school, no less.

Well, typo hunters. We’ve got a mere fourteen red states left, and that’s our seventh green. I look forward to the moment we have more green than red, which must be coming soon…

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Mmm…Japaleno Candy Bar’s

At long last, Jeff’s home state of New Hampshire goes yellow!  He has Brian L. to thank for finding this apostrophe oddity:

This chalkboard typo in Marietta, Georgia was found by Krissy C.  Um, brace yourselves…

Since we’re on the subject of absurd or otherwise fascinating spellings, let’s head to Minnesota where Jennifer A. in St. Paul and John R. in Hennepin County found these troubling typos, respectively:

Minnesota goes yellow, too!

But enough with filling the map in yellow—I know what you really want to see!  Just how many consecutive weeks can we turn states green?  Well, if you keep sending in corrections, we can’t help but keep it up!  Introducing Emily H. who took action in Bowling Green, Kentucky!  (We only just turned Kentucky yellow last week.)

The candy bar does not possess the money.  Way to work with that bank to let them know and get that fixed, Emily.  Score one for Occupy Wall St—  *Ahem*  I mean: score one for the typo hunters!

Okay, usually I prefer to end on the big win, but since it’s been a post for some weird words, I can’t help but leave you with this Painted Post, New York typo sent in by Benjamin R.:


So then, in case you were wondering, there’s still plenty of work to do.  If you haven’t submitted a typo (with or without correction) yet, you’ve still got over a month left to jump in, and I’m quite sure there are plenty of typos left to find.

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Preform Another Typo Tansaction

Let’s play a crazy game.  We’ll change the color on the map for every other state we visit with a typo find today!

We’ll begin in Orchard, Michigan. It is Orchard, right? Anyway, Deborah E. snagged this one:

Then we’ll have Shelia K. turn Pennsylvania yellow with this fascinatingly sad find from College Station:

I’m glad both of our aforementioned typo hunters know where they are…because we seem to be having some trouble figuring that out today. Oh missing letters, why must you mock us right where we reside?

On to Guilderland, New York, where David J. nabbed a pair of dastardly typos:

I’m going to try not to be offended, but allow me to merely point out that my brother is *not* a soilder!

Now Lauren S. will turn Kentucky yellow with a banking error from Lexington that is not in our favor.

From Brookline, Massachusetts, Sarah F. has found what I hope is some kind of inside joke:

Will we be close? Will we really? Because if this keeps up, I’m not sure we’ll even be on speaking terms.

And finally to Tenafly, New Jersey, where Sheli F. and Lauren F. (I’d like to take a moment to point out that all three of these consecutive Fs stand for different names.) noticed something wrong with the menu…and did something about it!

Don’t get stuck on “WHIT” for “WHITE” as they may have just been out of Es. Besides, sometimes you have to pick your battles, and I think Sheli and Lauren chose well. In doing so, they’ve turned New Jersey green!

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Aimee Clams Her Place

The typos keep pouring in!  If you’ve submitted to us and haven’t seen your typo blogged about yet, please be patient–it turns out there are many eagle eyes out there.

This is our tenth (yes, TENTH!) installment of typos found and corrected by you. None of these typos were found by the original members of the Typo Eradication Advancement League, but by YOU brave typo hunters all across this nation (and beyond).

Today I’d like to devote an entry to one special typo hunter in particular: Aimee Newfield. She embodies the original hope of Jeff, to inspire his fellows to take up arms (er, Sharpies) against a sea of errors, and by opposing, edit them. Aimee has taken on the typo hunting herself, and she’s sent along her finds…and correction.

Let’s begin with her Seattle, Washington find as that’s the only state of the three she visited that’s already been turned yellow.

Amusing as that one can be, I think my favorite Aimee find is the first of these from New Orleans, Louisiana:

So it is that Aimee turns Louisiana yellow, claming her place among the typo hunting elite. *Ahem* Claiming her place, that is.

…but wait. There’s more! Aimee spied these tough cookies in Boulder and Louisville, respectively.

Odd as this may seem, Jeff and I glimpsed the Louisville one ourselves while our friend Erin zoomed us around through town during our book tour last year. I have to say it was quite a weird shock to see something we’d spotted but hadn’t had time to snap appear here.

Five typo finds! Oh, but that wasn’t enough for Aimee, who found one more in Louisville. This one, though, was destined to fall!

I think my favorite part of this photo (after the correction, of course) is the way it’s proudly presented (rightly so!). As we turn Colorado green, I can’t help but feel as if the approving, ghostly presence of Obi Wan watches over us, contented.

Congratulations, Aimee. You’ve turned one state yellow and another green; you’ve found six typos and even scored a correction. We thank you for your orthographic deeds of derring-do!

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The Typo’s In The Details

Get ready for another state to go green; there’s another typo correction today!

First, let’s take a moment to talk about how typos can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Yes, to err is truly human, and it’s sad to say that you can survive the trickiest, most difficult word you’re up against, planting it perfectly…while a simpler typo slips right by you. Let’s look at some typos finds where words like “cappuccino” (one of the words repeatedly found misspelled) are perfectly fine, but something else goes wrong.

Megan C. found this one in Canton, Ohio. Since she nabbed the picture at an angle, she’s taken the time to pull the typo out for us, but there’ll be some after this you may have to click to enlarge.

Melinda H. returns with another Alaskan typo, this one from Wasilla. (If that town sounds familiar to you…I don’t have any idea why. *wink*)

Retriever? Techniques? No, the spelling’s fine so far as I can tell. It’s a much more common problem that gets ’em.

Let’s head down to Arizona (and turn it yellow!), where Linsey G. picked up this one at the Southwest Museum. Here again, I’ve actually seen “lightning” misspelled a couple times (usually with an extra e), but that’s not what goes wrong…

The one on the right comes from Karen R. in Tucson, because one good typo deserves another as we turn Arizona yellow. In the typo-maker’s defense, that’s a small window for a long word.

So there you have it, typos can get you anywhere. In fact, sometimes you can get something right…and still get it wrong. Take a good hard look at this one from Spokane, Washington that’s brought to you by Trisha P.:

Oh, and since we’re in the northwest, let’s do something I’ve been waiting for. My home state of Oregon finally goes yellow! Whew! I have Eben L. to thank for catching this in Newport, Oregon:

Once again, the harder words seem to be fine. Lose focus for one second and the typo slips in, which is why it’s always best to take a second (and in my case, a third–thanks Carine U. for the helpful e-mail last week) look!

I’m sure Jeff will be equally happy when New Hampshire goes yellow…eventually.

But enough with changing states to yellow. Let’s turn one green!
New York, this is your time. Colleen C. found a massive sign with a problem in Olean. This is a high degree of difficulty correction due to the sign’s height and color, but (after getting permission), Colleen triumphed!


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Your Crazy! *faceplam*

The 50 Typos, 50 States contest is in full swing! You’ve still got two and a half months to find a typo and send it in to, and if you get a correction (by permission of course), the prize pack you could win will be packed full of even more awesomeness (plus, since fewer people get corrections, your odds of winning will be better).
Before we add more to the map, I’d like to point out that, of the 52 eligible participation zones (I’d say states, but DC and Canada aren’t), brave heroes fighting on behalf of the league have participated in a full half of them already. That’s right. With two states that have gone green, and twenty-two states, DC, and Canada all having gone yellow, only 26 states remain stuck behind a red typo. And now we’re going to break into that other half.

We’ll begin by turning Illinois yellow. In Cairo, Mark F. found a taxing typo, and in Chicago, Taylor M. found…I’m not touching that one.

In fact, Taylor M. seems to have an eye for the amusing. Here’s another of Taylor’s typo finds, direct from New York City:

Uhg! *faceplam*

Yes, after all that fanfare about changing the colors of the states, however, I can’t help but notice we’ve got a pretty good stream of typos flowing in from states where at least one has already been found. Thus, I feel it’s a good time to remind not to let your state’s yellow or even green status stop you from playing our game! No matter what color your state is, if you find a typo, you’re in the contest.

Eileen K. brings us another Canadian typo, from Surrey, British Columbia.

About as far from that one as you can get, Susan S. shares one from Seagrove Beach in Florida.

You know, there’s a way in which this one could have almost made sense. It’s the owners’ property, but then it’s not the guests’ property–they’re just guests.

If those errant apostrophes didn’t already crush your soul, well, brace yourself for two photos from two Karens in two states…with one tragically common mistake. Karen L. in Kansas City, Kansas sent in this one, compliments of the government:

And Karen S. in St. Regis, Montana turns her state yellow with some double trouble:

Yeah, ouch. Somehow that sign didn’t communicate the feeling of serenity I think it was going for.

Sometimes this job hurts.

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For Your “Holliday”

Oh, this contest is ON. Submissions are coming in from all over the US, and another state goes green today. You’ve got nearly twelve full weeks to hunt down typos, snap photos of them, and maybe even (with permission) get some corrections. You need not wait, friends. On this otherwise pointless Columbus Day, you too can sail forth and “discover” something. *ahem*

This week, we’ll color a couple northern states yellow. Let’s start out west in my neighboring state of Idaho. Lindsey S. sent this previous find in from Lewiston:

For the love of Tiny Tim, where is Scrooge when you really need him?

Flipping east, let’s color Massachusetts yellow as well. Robin C. in Boston and David S. in Great Barrington have sent us these mouth-watering typos, respectively.

Ugh, it’s enough to make you lose your appetite. Well, almost.

My hunger for grammatical justice, however, is unwavering. Thus, onward we go. Maryland has gone green, but that doesn’t mean it’s typo free by any means. Stephanie M. sent in this astonishing typo from Baltimore County:

The best I can figure, these mines must be essential for the functioning of a coherent timeline. If only someone had gone back to prevent this engraved error.

Speaking of green states, Georgia wins big. Scott M., whom we met at our book signing in Atlanta last year, has taken up the typo hunting mantle and done great deeds of orthography! Witness his action-packed heroics in Lawrenceville and Dunwoody:

Congratulations, Georgia, for going green on our map, only the second state to do so. But not, I promise you, the last.

In the mean time, just because your state’s changed color, don’t let that stop you from sending in more typos. Lisa H., for instance, sent us two from King, North Carolina:

I blame the movie Airplane for the one on the left–clearly a Clearance/Clarence confusion. As for the warning on the right, they tell you about the monetary fine, but they fail to mention they’ll also dock you a vowel. Yeah, it’s that serious.

So remember, troops: There are typos out there awaiting discovery. Just ask permission when you go for the correction…and don’t park in any fire lanes!

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50 Typos, 50 States Contest Details

Here we are on the release day of The Great Typo Hunt in paperback, and it’s a fine time to go over the details of the 50 Typos, 50 States contest. You may have already seen the video that discusses the contest.

Until December 31st, 2011, at 11:59 pm, we are accepting your pictures of typo finds and typo corrections from around the United States. That’s typos in the physical world– store signs, restaurant signs, highway signs, etc.– not on the internet or in publications. Send them to Your submissions automatically enter you into a contest to win fabulous prize packs. (Multiple submissions do not increase your chance to win.) Be sure to let us know your e-mail address or whatever is your preferred form of contact.

As you can see from the constantly changing map and Benjamin’s blog entries so far, at least one typo find in a given state turns it yellow. At least one typo correction turns it green. We started with an all-red map and the goal is for it to turn all green. If that does chance to happen before the end of the year, don’t worry, we’ll still be accepting pictures of typo finds and corrections until the deadline.

As the prize details below indicate, correcting typos rather than just finding them gives you the chance of winning better prizes. You will also be competing in a smaller pool, since typo corrections are rarer than typo finds. However, you must only correct typos with permission of the owner, and every typo correction we receive must meet this condition. We don’t condone or accept typo corrections that have been done without permission.

There will be four prize packs: two for randomly selected typo finders and two for randomly selected typo correctors. The contents of each prize pack for the two typo finders are as follows:

  • 1 Typo Correction Kit
  • 1 item of Great Typo Hunt swag, such as a t-shirt or hat
  • 1 deck of the popular card game Phase 10
  • A copy of the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
  • A copy of the book Darkness, My Old Friend by Lisa Unger
  • A signed book of crossword puzzles by New York Times puzzlemaster Will Shortz

Each prize pack for the two typo correctors will include all of the above items, plus one of the following:

Happy hunting, fellow Leaguers!  Don’t forget those Five Rules of Typo Hunting:

  1. Always hunt with a buddy
  2. Be prepared
  3. Don’t be a jerk
  4. Take a closer look
  5. Always get permission
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The Shear Incovince of Typos

Although it’s officially our 50 Typos In 50 States contest, you’ll note that there are 52 regions of play. One extra-large, and one kinda small: Canada and DC. We had a couple Canadian contributions last week. Not to be outdone, our other non-state has answered back.

Genevieve H. found this at the Washington Monument:

Personally, I don’t appreciate the implication that our first president was palling around with with sheep.

Dienna H., meanwhile and northward, found these beauties:

Then our dearest Dienna dropped down into Virginia and nabbed this unexpected find in Falls Church:

Tragic to get “bankruptcy” right and then burst into typos, no? Also, a special thanks to you, Dienna. This map had been getting pretty embarrassing with both my and Jeff’s home states still red. Now you’ve turned my childhood home yellow.

From DC & VA, let’s flip all the way over. Not just the west coast. I mean ALL THE WAY over. To Hawaii, where Aliana R. noticed this gem in Kailua-Kona:

Fun fact: Hawaii was one of only a handful of states that we failed to reach on both the original (2008) typo hunt and the book tour/typo hunt rides again (2010). Another of those states was Arkansas, from which Bev K. in Bentonville has sent us a find:

Speaking of registration problems, let’s head to Connecticut, where Kate M. has spied another in Hartford. Even though Connecticut’s already gone yellow, that’s not stopping them. One good CT typo deserves another, so here also is Robin C.’s Meriden find.

(“You thought registration was a hassle? You haven’t seen the ‘cataring’ yet!”)

The paperback magically appears in stores everywhere tomorrow. (“10/4, good buddy!”)  It looks like this now:

And it’s only $14!

And as always, I wish you good hunting, typo heroes!

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California Dreamin’ of a Typo-Free State

With five days left until the paperback comes out, it seems I just can’t wait a full week to show off more typo finds from members. Looking through all the entries that have been coming in, I happened to notice that California (which has already turned yellow) has decided to really dig in and hunt down some typos. To the point where I feel like offering an all-California edition of member typo finds.

We’ll start down south, with two common typos. Cindy P. managed to find yet another new misspelling of a word we found creatively reinvented all over the country. Now she adds San Diego’s offering (and note how that mistake carries into another word there). Meanwhile, Carly K. was going to Disneyland! Which is where she found the most obnoxiously common error, the bane of my existence. By my mouse ears, Disney, think of the children!

Ana C., however, found a couple I’d never encountered. Since we just visited Disneyland, why not a trip to the State Fair as well? She caught one there and another in LA.

A classic flip there at the fair, and in LA…actually, I can’t figure out how that one happened.

Continuing northward, Kim P. found a couple of well-meaning signs, one in Mariposa and another in San Francisco.

Um, Greg? I need to see you about a different detail there…

Also hunting in San Fran, Britton J. snapped this one, which reminds me of the final day of the original typo hunt. I corrected one like this while I cop watched on from around the corner. (That was before we knew to always ask permission.) Anyway, check this one out:

Gee, that seems like the kind of message you’d to be very cear about. *Ahem* Clear about, I mean.

Stephanie G. sent in this capital typo find. By which I mean, it comes to us courtesy of Sacramento. Don’t let Stephanie’s pointing out her favorite distract you from another drink gone awry.

Eight new typo finds from California. Nice work, team.

Did I mention our paperback edition comes out this Tuesday? I did? Ah, well I guess I’m just supremely excited.

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