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severing use of motion of the joint, at the proper time, anchylosis

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cut the sphincter, it only remains to lay a small piece of lint

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character somewhat like after-pains, recurring in violent exacer-

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duce its effect, at the expiration of which period, the whole limb is carfully

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of the nervous mechanism or apparatus, of the present writer,

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to the sternum ; the effusion of blood took place at this moment,

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The experiments to which I allude are the following : — Let the

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and its application should rarely exceed five minutes. So simple

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ance much like the ccecal extremity of the colon. An in-

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considerable degree, the pains of labor, and in many instances to

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ease. Dr. Boling saw correctly, in the circumstances in which he

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persistent for a long time after a cure of ulceration. Sometimes

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clearly manifest to all, that the whole tenor of Dr. P's. communication,

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to have, by patient, ingenious, and long-continued investigation

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and severity, into spasmodic and tonic or tetanic forms. He

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that all the discrepancies are included in, first: the different cir-

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acid, may have nearly or entirely ceased. Hence, it appears

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as to their origin. Testict's description is as follows: "The

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All these acts are physical. As the cerebral acts depend on

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cal man, engaged in an active country practice. He expe-

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duced by the acid, lasting some time, but when his bowels were

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but as regards grade, also. Hence it is, that males are remark-

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produce it, which will in due time claim our attention j but, first,

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at the foundation of all disease, and even of therapeutics." —

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1850 the mean numbers of operations were ten (annually) ; in 1861, there

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upon other parts, as the feet, mammae, etc., upon the menstrual secre-

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the stomach. The chyliferous vessels refuse to absorb — the mus-

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In addition to the subject of fracture of the clavicle, we have

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It is proved that nervous impulses will pass by vesicles in

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same day, the sensation returned with such severity, combined

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forming fibres that were sometimes of considerable length,

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p. 641-650, § 893 e-4, p. 665-672, § 902-903 b 9 p. 746, § 990

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it would be difficult, even under such circumstances ; however, it

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had stepped upon a rolling stone, and fallen on the sidewalk. She

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central organ, and the efferent nerve constitute the true sys-

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