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Illustrative cases. Linenthal. Harry, and Taylor, E. W.. .S4I-
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einzigen Zelle als Ausliiufer hervor. Diese ist ihr genetisches,
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* In few cases cervical spine and occipito-cervical region has been
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complexes existing have not the great importance attached to
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advanced in its course before recognized that it is
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ordinary excretions is almost negligible. In many cases,
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at the hepatic fle.xure. The intestines appear normal,
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lieved that in the futiu'e the method would be more
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Kurre W , massage and the original Swedish movements. 05s;
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after repeat(!d injections presented the appearances
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5. Robinson, \. R.: Errors in the Treatment of Cutaneous
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rather than practical difficulties. The results of "hermetically seal-
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six weeks. Dr. Honney has ])racti.sed its tentative
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polydipsie d'origine syphilitique. Gaz. hebd. de med. ct de chir..
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patients still remains to be carried out. I)ut Thayer calls
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results were always as good as Dr. Ochsner claimed,
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^Statistics from Adolescence by G. Stanley Hall, Ph.D.. LI..D.,
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two typical hysterical seizures, and during the second
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Laminektomien wegen spinaler Krankheiten, worunter 18 mit
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and most enthusiastic advocates of surgical intervention
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has he been able to learn of any more or other cases
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^ cf. Strandberg: Sypliilis-Karzinoni, Acta Derm. -Yen., Yul. TI, Fasc. 1.
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Septum? .\ critical rexiew ba.sed on literature, and
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inal and hygienic measures only should be employed ;
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Operation war allerdings eine spontane Zwangsstellung der rech-
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Mr. Editor: My attention recentlj- was called to an
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auf Lalimung eines Cricothyreoideus zuriickfiihren: bei einseitiger
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^^^ 11. The patient is lapsing into a more apathetic state, is som-
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of the age to play out of doors, in youth and }"oung
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Prof. Clifi'ord Allliutt, who gave a lucid ami masterly
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side and a strong beam of light was thrown into the deptlis
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particulierement lieureux avec des dosse de 0.15 a 0.30 gr. par
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Pharaoh's serpents," I beg leave to give the particulars of a case
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companies, a medical editor calls far transparency in clinical trials.

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