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With the older methods of treatment cure was strated that it is not always with the hardest

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opsonic index, and indicates the degree of power of the

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the transverse colon. Of the ulcerative variety, four.

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of the Toronto meeting of the BriTish Medical Association, Putnam,

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sence of cerebral pressuri; symptoms and the presence of

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5. Cotton, A. C. : Sodium Citrate in Infant Feeding.

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cessory Sinuses on tlie Eyt . Tr. Iowa State Med. Soc, C«dar

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Er glaubt, dass der Kollaps mancher Falle fiir immer fortgesetzt

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7. Bronneh, .\. Notes on an Unu.sual Case id Papilloma

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case, doing it at the home of the patient. She remained

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physician in order not to be misled by the statements

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of the association, and the interest in the general

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Dr. Wood had seen the husband in January, 1905, and

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of both ventricles were greatly hypertrophied, the wall

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amputation of a finger, particularly in the case of

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not palpable, no ascites, no jainidice. .Area of stomach

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Levaditi, Ann. de I'inst. Past. 1910 — 11. Levaditi et Harvier. ib.

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zunehmend, maulvoll. Status: Sehr heruntergekommen, arbeitsunfiihig.

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feces). The patient soon became hungry and retained

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of the training for nurses better than Dr. Worcester,

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