Care Indoor Amaryllis After Bloom

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Flick maintains that treatment can be efficiently carried
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ments so as to cause less traction upon the sutures.
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2. A tooth powder used on the brush helps to clean the
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the Massachusetts Medical Society. Councillors' meeting. 457;
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Bulbus rhachiticus. 1855. Denkschr. f. math.-naturw. Kl. d. K. Akad.
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" Archiv fOr Gynockologie, 1900, Ixxix, No. 2; .loiir. Aitier.
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JAMES M. BATCHELOR, M.D., President. JOSEPH A. DANNA, M.D., Secretary.
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Sk<'o\i) Day, Fuidav, .It-nk 1. Session Ar 10 a.m.
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lyg; external eye inflammations of doubtful origin, 470.
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dochitis which resist medical treatment, and those cases
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and uniform in (■(iin])()sition as salt or alum, prove
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cases reported by this author, the wall of the left
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gestrichelte Linie die Letalitiit, die ausgezogene die mittlere
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Sept. 22, amended so as to read for four days only. Sept. 29,

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