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tion with a feeling of pressure in the bladder afterwards.

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1842, April, Bd. 22, Nr. 8. Pick, Zur Histologic der Clarke'schen

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fibrous tissue with more or less hyaline degeneration.

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4. Weichaedt, W.: The Serum Treatment of Hat/ Fever.

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give an injection containing a teaspoonful of carbolic

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employed by a few only, and on a limited scale. So that

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more the latter's insight into the psychology of patients is rendered

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He considers Loretta's operation unscientific and danger-

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conduct himself in his relation to these cases that

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Laminektomie und Tumor exstirpation am ^^,4 1922 (von Gustaf

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ment or a surgical operation. In this connection

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symptoms of the disease, hitherto not considered impor-

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was done and end-to-end sutures made without button

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into the peritoneal cavity, setting up a peritonitis.

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