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Symptom eine Hypertonie feststellen, die nach einigen Tagen Bett-
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der Wiederaufnahme in die medizinische Klinik Decubitus darbot,
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be resorted to except to meet complications, as intes-
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Prognose sind"die Falle 2 und 3 sehr giinstig gestellt gewesen.
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individual case. Consequently, it is not sufficient to make a
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that a reflex which has been acquired by practice, or an inborn
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in cattle, fish, etc. He then describes how an epidemic
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ROGKKS, ICi)WAiti>, pharnia<ist. Temporarily relieved from
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of the important papers and added greatly to the interest
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advertising and the scrimping of third- party payers we can only hope there will
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Jahre 1921 19,773 bakterioh)gisch konstatierte Diphtheriefiille
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cerel-iellar gait, pain in the back of the head, and optic neu-
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A. McK. Jones, acting assistant surgeon. To the Naval
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tug but no other physical signs of anemism. History,
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tract. He is unable to recognize alterations in the
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Anwendung des Diphtherie-Antitoxins begonnen hatte, bis zum
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Henry O., operative otology: surgical pathology and treatment
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Vi 1923. The patient was admitted. Stains: Physique normal
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the features proper to the subsolid individual in ordinary circum-
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ironically calls an " appriulieitis microscopic " or an
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Main SxAiufAsE, Administration Building, New Hahvakd
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fehlcn im allgcmeinen. A. Fraenkel betont weiter als fiir Tumor
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my prailice, we have had nurses in my place trained
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Minuten Atmuno; wieder in Ordnung: nach einer Stunde wieder
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above. In this case it was supposed that the stomach was unable to
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lie earrietl off and consumed at leisure anywlicre in the
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the coats of the gastric wall, i. c, between the mucosa
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musculature du pharynx ou de la langue. Celle ci put etre sortie
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die Fasern auf ausserordentlich langen Strecken zu verfolgen,
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pachymeningitis haemorrhagia int., where cerebral puncture in
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it, and are thereby ke])t up to their normal su]iply of
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Slu! has reco\ered the use of her hands and, although

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