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for even if inhaled it may pass from the pharynx into the digestive tract.

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lumbia College, in which Drs. Closy, Bard, Jones, Middleton, Smith

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produced by the lead upon the cerebral visual centres. Premonitory to an

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diseased maize, which in some countries is used as a substitute for corn.

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also very desirous to see the interior arrangement and management of

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condition is usually appreciable at a much earlier period than is the case

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quires no fostering, at our hands, to be appreciated by those who have

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Fieber, 1895. — Unverricht. Volkmann's Snmml. klin. Vortrdge, 159. — LowiT. Vorles. U.

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to life when they arise in the cranium or spinal canal ; or when they grow

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Cyclopean anomaly. It is due to an arrested development of the first

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firm devotion to the progress of medical science, and the dissemination

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and other symptoms of imperfect arterialization are manifest, its favoia-

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the fingers, but only for five minutes, which was gradually increased until fifteen

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are given in the preceding table, 70 were women and 58 men, and of

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Osteomata. — These are tumours composed of bone, and may be defined

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ki coooection with the administration of the remedy.

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patient stands and puts, his knee over a bar making a right angle at the knee,

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lent ; at the lower part of the anterior chamber, a considerable deposit

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now, be undertaken without special care, and every precaution being taken

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contenis. — Sulphate of magnesia^ muriate of soda, sulphate of lime, mu-

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but others of the men who thus suffered had only worked as many weeks.

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Some time in the summer,' having committed a serious assault on his

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France, that they eagerly watch whatever comes thence and gobble it

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dula spicuta, 3iii. ; alcoholic tincture, lb. i. Dissolve the soap in tinc-

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several new industries have developed. Of these the one that is specially

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but as to the balm of baham tree (acnyris Gileadensis), that grows and

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