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One more query — which is the patient most in danger from, the

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IV. 32-jahr. Mann. Hustet seit einer langwierigen Lungenent-

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there had fallen under his observation (juite a luiinher of

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of a smooth, rounded, solid mass, such as I expected to find, and

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only fatality occurred in a patient operated on, on the

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on the other. In the one, as in the other direction the aberration

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ill the suprapubic operation. In suitable cases it is pos-

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dem Zapfen ist dieser Tympanismus weniger auffallig. Sehr starke

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and a more complete isolation will more easily come about.

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Extremitaten. Ataxie des Ganges. Keine Parese der Beine. An den

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the diencephalon without any interference of the mesencephalon.

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precision and indications for treatment based upon exact knowledge. In this work Biochemistry is repre-

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Dorrance draws the conclusion that thromhosis hy this

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als einseitig angegeben. In den beiden Fallen anatomisch kon-

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ed to a considerable amount. Deeming it probal)le that that was the

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Hospital at once and at operation a multilocular cyst

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lich vorhanden war und die Falle diirften ausserst selten sein

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Hubbard, Joshua C. Appendicitis, Gallstone for the intestine.

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phthisis assmues when it occurs in such sul)jeets. The

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the inhalation of poisonous gases set free by the combustion of " sul-

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four years old, had been married one year but had had

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Status: Linke Lunge o. B. Uber der rechten Lunge keine Dampfung.

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left breiist. On examination it was plainly a case of

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Oct. 11, at the age of tifty-four years. He was a native of

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in its origin and coiuhiclioii, or nervous. Recent experi-

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sometimes called " secondary '' Graves's disease. In the

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total destruction of the nervous centres of the hypothalamus by

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react, so there is little danger of undue depression

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physicians to take their wives on this trip, and it

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there is no reason why it should not be repeated, if the occasion

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Calloused ulcers should be treated by resection on account

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