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Aphonic von so langer Dauer, dass diese Erkliirung hinfallig

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and at sjias and its use internally as well as

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glis the operative treatment of prolapse and retroversion ol the

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Nach betreffender Laminektomie ist Gipsbett unnotig; es

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Die durch Tumor Zustande gekommenen Ergiisse zeiclinen sicli

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bedient, und da ich in sehr grosser Ausdehnung Lumbalpunktionen

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there was a small syncope. I removed it, followed by

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signed to pass up into the larynx was made with a hinge, allowing the

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Blailes, all sizes, per dozen, $1.50. Nos. 2 and 4 Handles fit Nos. 20 and 21 Blades.

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ville, had also shown that the mesenteric glands may

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tion von Leuko- und Lymphozyten findet. Im Muskelgewebe des

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while V'irchovv says they are from another .source.

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haben sich dieser Miihe unterzogen. Sie beiden gelangen nun

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veranderungen in der Ventrikelvvand entstehen. Zwei solche

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Bacillus aerogenes is not a cause but an effect, the followhig

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* Read at the meeting of the National .Association for the Study

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nothing was of much avail except the administration of

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tliromboses were more frequent now than they were a

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Dr. M. E, Page, a well-known specialist in diseases of the

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practised. Under conservative measures, 93 cases of fractures, out of

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on irritation of the nasal terminations of that nerve, was

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Ein in Eiscrenie und Kiise gefundener giftprodueirender Bacil-

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trial grants, or patent royalties might jeopardize their scientif-

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feeding to amount to more than 200 calories per day, only

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5. The Treatment of Thi/rnidism b;/ a Specific Serum.

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given the references to these articles, the last of them

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oberhalb des Conus medullaris ein konstantes Phiinomen zu sein

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Ave. mortality of con-esponding weeks for ten years, 1856 — 1866

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The following were ehu'ted oflicers of this Section:

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criminal cases, 74 ; a plan to increase the efficiency of medical teach-

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chronic lung di.seasc which are of this character, and

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and they are, above all, losses of tlie .sensation of

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functions with lower potentiality. This is the general conception

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S. 157. Haas, G., Ein Fall von syphilitischem Tumor des Magens.

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