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ments by visual impressions, while in verbal amnesia methodical training of
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exists. The contract and related (teamients state specifically the grade, type, size,
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paralyses in the two halves of the body is very noticeable and characteristic
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sometimes occurring in pernicious anaemia are clue to combined columnar
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£12 12s.; eighteen months, £15 15s.; three years, £21; perpetual,
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patients under medical and surgical treatment; examination in
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bladder and rectum. We often see in men, especially after injury of the
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titis and distenper at the sasie tiaie. As the dIsMSC prooressi», there nay be icterus
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macy ; this examination is written, practical, and oral. The fee for
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place at the termination of the curriculum. Candidates who already
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tttat mmaa «fitmt ^tefps tt$c s9ii9l*-«Miitail« lyHii^M tiiat m fmitarlll^
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Carl M. Lyman, S.M., Research Assistant in Medicine, Lasker Foundation.
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The percentage of solid constituents in the urine is, of course, trifling.
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dairy 'arms with cattle, modern equipment, and many types of plants which process many
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paralysis and disturbances of the ocular muscles have been observed. The
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Continuance of students is subject to recommendations and conditions made by the
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for the movements of the tongue and vocal cords. The exact position of these
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Young animals appear to be nwre susceptible than older animals.
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Should be added for reconstitutlon. Nonfat solids may be added to skim milk to raise
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iBachelor of Medicine. These d^rees are a passport to the General
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Kingdom university may be admitted ad eundem gradwm on payment
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wet are said, in occasional rare instances, to determine the appearance of
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ophthalmoscopic examination is of great diagnostic importance in all these
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be examined in the first two books of Xenophon's Anabasis, or, if they
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satisfied tlie conditions of registration of the G^eral Medical ConnciL
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said to produce remarkably good results occasionally, even after inunctions have
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^'"M 7'» IS, TVnrur«w«mt Oualltv Afi»ur«nce for Frc«h Dairy Products
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Anomalies of the muscular sense (vide page 148), which are probably
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a suitable diet to meet the symptomatic conditions, and to protect the patient
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irritation of the motor ganglion cells in the gray anterior horns of the spinal
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.^e; t "^^^ ^T^T^^ ^'''l^l' ' performed as a continuous
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Fourth Tear — Medical Wards — Winter — Medicine, Pathology, Mid*
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sesthesia, more or less marked for the superficial varieties of sensibility (touch,
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vomiting. Eice-water stools. Severe abdominal pain. Other mucous mem-
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such cases there is probably always some cerebral (cortical) disturbance,
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or brain. To-day we know that most scrofulous children do not become, but
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ous criminal acts, some of which may show an absolutely cold-blooded indif-
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order to learn the position of that tumor, we have to rely mainly upon the

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