Atenolol Tablet 25 Mg

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health program, it seemed important for us to determine
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avoided. Intermittent catheterization permits intermit-
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what is tenormin taken for
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Third — Charles V. Hogan, 317 West Market Street,
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so easily applied, that weekly sprayings are recom-
atenolol tablet 25 mg
A recent young graduate, having obtained his degree from a cer-
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calan atenolol and hydrochlorothiazide together
extra vitamin B complex, and iron — all in highly tolerable form.
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Chester S. LeRoy Barber, West Chester Joseph Scattergood, Jr., W'est Chester
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the lac plaster was us6<:l instead of the more recently devised
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observation. He also showed no clinical signs of dam-
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in a hospital, only in trained hands, only with trained

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