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a lymi)h<)cyle, and, conversely, a " pink " stain
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als auch im Hinblick auf die Funktionstiiclitigkeit des kranken
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out the entire life of the individual, and if adhered
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philis gastrique traitee et guerie. Bull, gener. de Soc. ther., 12 juin
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GuiTERAS, G. M,, surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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they l)egin to grow rapidly they nuist 1)e immediately
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Sputummenge. Die kurze Pn.-thbehandhing brachte doch guten
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Kerne, abundanter Kernreichtum) aufweisen kchmen — diese
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of the trustees of this hospital, the sum of .|.5,000
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any appreciable rise is Tlii.s, we think,
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concerning the nomenclature makes this literature very difficult
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Rcsistenz. Offenbar handelte es sich liier um eine Vaginalatresie
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tapping of fluid and injection of air continue alternately. About
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resisted treatment by drugs, diet, had recovered by
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necessary in the latter to pre\ent indirect mouth to moutli
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In differentiating arthritis deformans from gout, one
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the Leg by the Methods of Trendelenberg and Schede.
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pulse once dropping to 160, but most of the time being
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am geeignetsten ist. Bestimmte Grunde diirften aber dafiir
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der zentral gestellten Siegelplatte des Ringknorpels mit den dort
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1. Beitrag. Das Kleinhirn. Z. f. wiss. Zool. 1890, Bd. 49, p. 663.
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tom-complex referred to was the frequently recurring
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10 Og.\ta. Preliminary Communication, on the'^Elioloijy
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nitrile to paralyze the vagus, in Hirschfelder's case, argues
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method. These experiments therefore demonstrate that
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tell histologische Untersuchungen. Z. f. wiss. Mikroskopie. XL Bd.
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table, and a greater acuity of vision would be noted.
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was a valuable sign. He did not offer anything espe-
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(13) Liver occur through the veins and only
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wie das rechte, nur verspiirt sic cine gewisse (aber nur ganz unbe-

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