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2. * Davis, N. D. The .Effects of Pericarditis on the

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Efikrise. Ziemlich frischer, einseitiger Fall gibt vollen Erfolg,

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feature that intense exercise leads more rapidly to a higher

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Thomas, 325; acceptance of the buildings of the Harvard Medical

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3— <lropsy of the brain, 1— epilepsy, 1— remittent fever, 1— scarlet fever, 1— typhoid fever. 2

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same subjects were supposed to have been pretty thor-

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normal hypophysis and a hypothalamus-lesion in the form of a

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conditions is imperatively indicated. In addition to

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Kolk, Bau und Funktionen der Medulla spinalis und oblongata. Aus

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montlis for each ease) of 101,806 tubenuilosis patients

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positiv befunden wurde und der Patient mitteilte, dass er in

can you snort baclofen 10 mg to get high

tion are of service in the differential diagnosis. In

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the value of the cure in two cases of typhoid fever and

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korperchen zeigen. Das Geschwulstgewebe ist fleckenweise

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For in the productions of the 1 lacteriologists we have

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to practise formal operation more frequently than is

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Stirn. Kein Doppeltsehen, konnte gut lesen. Nicht heiser oder

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cal diarrheas " would come ui ; he thought the cla.ssifica-

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e disposizione delle cellure nervose nelle circomvoluzioni centrale

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trustees to the training school was lessened by

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heart, showed fatty infiltration and atrophy to one fifth

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3. *H.\Y, J. Stokes-Adams Disease and Cardiac Arrhyth-

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einseitigen Herd, sondern von einer nur einseitigen Ldhmung

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bodv arises from a proteid, possibly through cleax'age of

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stethoscope the sounds were best heard 9.5 cm. from

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whisky and two ounces of tincture of nux cued, said : "Just let me alone, I am crazy."'

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ing to the di.sease itself. He was sure that in this way

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until we have determined how much of the etiological

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All communications for the ICditor, and all books for review, should

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