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l)harynx, both tonsils and peritonsillar region intensely

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drate, is excreted. This in fact takes place, as is

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jilasia of tlie red bone-marrow foimd in .some cases lends

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more the latter's insight into the psychology of patients is rendered

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and so completely fire-proof that it is stated that

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being brought about within a few minutes. It is indicated

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The Ins\ilin Committee, University of Toronto: Insulin, its action, its therapeutic

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seems to be to suppose that every time the activity has been

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re, d. h. dass alle Fibrillen an der Peripherie entspringen, die

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there was a slight watery discliarge from (he nipple.

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patient's 120. I introduced a trochar and drew

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'■'Uovue NcuroIoKiflMO, xiv, G33. .July 30, 1906.

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The left ovary and ttibe were normal with the excep

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married tln-ee weelcs, was i)laced in a lu)si)it;d where

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for troops to occujiy. It was, in fact, neither the

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pulse was 1-10, temperature 101°, and the chiUI was in

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made to the anatomy and physiology- of the lapatine

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die bei der Ulkusbehandlung mit Wismutpraparaten beobachtet

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also von dem gesamten Ban des Nervensystems nichts. Er

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embryo, increases in later life (sec page 604 //.) and

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api)lications of copper sulphate were necessary. All

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tend to prove the existence, either of a biliary or a

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through lack of such a .guide as the opsonic index that so

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cular hyperesthesia were added to the clinical picture.

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Liquor verbunden, zu stellen. Der ungliickliche Ausgang kann

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history. Two years previous, while climbing on to his

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iiladilcr, ejaculatory ducts or prostatic urethra. In cases

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