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voted to offer a course of free public lectures, to

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was heard somewhat in both breasts, and in back throughout, without

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ing of the pleura, and the shadow was less uniformly

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Rhinology and Laryngology including Peroral Endoscopy.

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If " the disease cannot be communicated from one person to

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opsonic index to this organism was low; a \'accine of dead

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appearance. The palpation with the cerebral spatula at the sides,

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Instructor in Surgery, Tttfts College Medical School; Assistant Surgeon

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practically always at hand. Renal colic due to stone

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auch bei der Wirkung, die das Antitoxin auf bereits gebundenes

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Ann. de I'universite libre de Bruxelles 1880. Stilling, B., Ueber die

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jected with adrenalin and potassium iodide. Vascular

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efifects of radium on angiomas. It has been treatment of most of the superficial dermato-

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however, and on Saturday morning his heart began to

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Presse, 1902, X° XVI. Zimdars, K.. Uber diffuse syphilitischc

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orKans. These tests are practical, dependable, and satisfac-

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mental insufficiency*, Uppsala lakaref. forhandl. 1920 and 1922.

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of the functions of the stomach. Neurasthenia is nervous

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Verflechtung mehrerer kraftiger Nervenaste hervorgeht: zu

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observed in a smear from the blood during life (see

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depend upon the intelligence of the negro and unless

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the head. One year later in the same month he had a

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phases into which he finds the patient has disinte-

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rheumatism, gout, constipation, obstinate intestinal disturbances, ne-

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nish abundant examples of both these classes of diseases.

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servations of 1.5 cases of pleural effusion, 4 of which

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coming to operation and of these 50% lived. Three cases

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nothing of interest. Two years ago she bagan to bring up blood

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Oppler: Deut. med. Wochenschr., 1896, no. 32. Arch, fiir \'er-

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In September, 1S97, he had seen the thii'd sister in

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