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schlimmer. Sie konnte gehen. Im Amtskrankenhause zu Karlshamn

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disturbances. As a result of their worlc the globulin solu-

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verse section, certain reflexes, such as the plantar,

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Methode iveil kiirzer sei als die der chronischen Lungentuberkulose,

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dass seine Scbiiler ihm umso treuer ergeben waren. Die Arbeiten

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licgitis Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford.

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in the differential diagnosis its appearance is too

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curve measured three inches and seven eighths. It was easily mova-

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die Langsachse des Kehlkopf sowie die ausgebliebene Riick-

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never suffered from a lack of activity in the prose-

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unnecessary to state that the work of the intervening

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it was not a great ileal higher. He said the territory

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in so far as demonstrating a primary peritonitis was

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distance on the side of the neck from the normal thyroid

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7 mm. Back-support of sella not very pronounced. For the rest

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Taylor, A. S., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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teachers in preventive medicine and institute popular

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stance, in the fourth grade, one half of the children

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ten der Patientin. So priisentiert sich der Fall in grossen Zligen,

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country sanatoria ha^e done very little to prevent tuber-

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series of lectures given to the nurses of the Pemi-

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Wirbelbogen iibt der wachsende Riickenmarkstumor dagegen

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wenig, wie man eine antiluetische Behandlung verabsaumen

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nombre de cas, parmi lesquels j'en ai pu suivre jusqu'a present

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auch an anatomischen Merkmalen leidlich abgrenzbare Kerne. Der

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hebt hervor, dass man bei Lues allerdings eine starke Abmagerung

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