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cers, which were considered impossible to cure, plasms. Therefore in order to appreciate the
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(4) epithelial channels; (5) inoculation into the skin
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amount of information as to the contents of the post-
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Assistant Surgeon H. G. Ebert, recorder. Dec. 12, 1906.
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but shows a fairly well-marked reticular structure;
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eases, right tube in 4 cases, and left tube iu 9 cases.
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liier nocli in der kaudalen Oblongata fiir die Cervikalsegmente
probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin
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tant des symptomes caracteristiques d'encephalite herpetique.
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leucocytes, findings which point to a stimulation of the
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The breasts were enlarged, the areohe were conspicu-
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auf der rechten Seite. Sputum: 250 ccm, dreischichtig, der Boden-
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to the dilatinj;- ability of the heart one cannot fail to
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]iosteriorly in some cases, is a most \'aluable supplement
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They each lasted about half a minute, and during them
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Bright 's di.sease and nephritis, 43; suicides, 41;
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hemorrhages, 1.3%; jierf orations, 9.47%o mortality;
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selves, how to save in time a ]>enny to be ready to
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The child stayed in the hospital 3 weeks, the urinary
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1918, LXXI, p. 321.] Cesa-Bianchi, Domenico, La terapia specifica
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by .1. N. Mackenzie. But few authoritative cases were
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ing to the di.sease itself. He was sure that in this way
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realize that not only is it possible for mild grades
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1900, Instructor in Physiology, 1900-02, Assistant Professor of
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tuberculosis and others in which he has seen this treatment
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gut. Pat. hat im Laufe der 1 wochentlichen Behandlung 4 kg zu-
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Fallen von Hypertoniekrankheit vollig fehlen konnen. Dagegen

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