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hyelrostatic bags, the fingers of one or both hands, and

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cases where it is important to save the cjaculatory ducts,

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Excision, generally s|)caking, was more applicable to

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der Beine geweckt worden war. Eine Osteomyelitis in den wir-

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pains and suffering. Experienced nurses. Mild Climate. Artesian,

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the possibility of a gallstone origin in all obscure

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as functional. f(n' it would 1)C as absurd to cxjiloie

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auriculo-ventricular zone from the beginning to the

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practitioner who was antimercurialist, neither of the

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buliim with a normal hypophysis, as well as scattered cases of

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urethra and the median perineal incision when their

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the blood is to be investigated, the servmi is brought in

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♦Autlior's abstract report of the fifteenth lecture, (Ieh'vere<l Nov.

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La face a surtout dans sa partie inferieure un aspect stereotypique

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blood clot and fibrin. These are marked at the right

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Der einzige Fall, den ich in der Literatur habe finden konnen,

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the liand are over and the many sharers in the hospitality

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same disease in different individuals, how difTerent

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Tbc.-forsch. i7. h. 1 — 2, p. 103. — Xugel, Zur Kasuistik des kiinstl.

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anti-fungal shampoo containing ketoconazole or zinc pyrithione

pressure depends on (1) the heart, especially the left

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for one month and ten days from Dec. 6, 1906. Nov. 13, 1906.

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the inhalation of tobacco smoke, maintaining rabbits

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wrong with it. There is a little difficulty there. If

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being adherent to the right ovary, and therefore closed.

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{■omfort, tenderness and friction. The most constant

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(,52'^') than in pre-antiseptic days. The danger is greater

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costalis befestigt und unten teils durch feste, schwielige, teils

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a,s you will sec, a fracture of the tibia not

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ity, conditioned by the increased resistance. And there is also

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describes the symptoms under three heads: dyspeptic,

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surgical Out-I'aticnt of the City Hospital, hav-

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