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mune against the bacillus of cholera. The readers of the
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are very hazardous. For instance, in Case 83, wlien he saw
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employment- suitable to her -condition of health. ■ The Com-
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with an iron hook the coke which they throw away. They are
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of a bland thrombus become dislodged from the noninfected surface of rheu-
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purpose call the parent disease in the cow may be safely ig-
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bodies of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebra? were re-
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this substance, fell a victim to scientific research, as he acci-
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A cliapter of wide interest is that dealing with the com-
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suite of constant attention from four or five of his neighbour-
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"bleeder." She had been bleeding from the gums and mouth
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no space left for either the transmission of light or the intro-
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Servaes, Esq., ol Holly Lee, Seftou Park, Liverpool. No cards.
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found the quarters admirably prepared for their growth and
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still remain in the hands of the Committee a million marks
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must be no relaxation in the efforts of United Kingdom, was piled on the table
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beings from the diseases which lie in wait for them.
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engineerings but had called in also menibers of other cor-
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be rendered by the attendance of a battalion or two squadrons com-
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appreciably impaired by keeping. They could thus be sent
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months, with separate apartments, board, and washing. Applications
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awakening of patients and their removal from their warm beds through,
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within the host, division of the spores into numerous erescentic
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all that I have come across in the journals and in books, and
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this operation has been performed on the living subject in
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described his method of separating the kreatinin of urine from
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off from the primary seat and deposited in the secondary one.
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Cardilf.— A Professor of Anatomy, and a Professor of Physiology.
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and he has certainly shown no want of zeal or ability, but
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have a tempting appearance ; they are sweetened with glyce-
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ila.' Willis, Q.C. (with whom was Mr. Boxall), said in these two actions
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tamination. The muscular walls are divided along the lines
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significant triumphs wliich have ever been won in the field

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