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II, luetic infection does not appear in the anamneses. Alcoholic

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frontal and parietal convexity, marked congestion of pia, cerebral

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11. Fischer, O. : Die presbyophrene Demenz, deren anatomische Grundlage

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2. 39"; uneducated, 1.67". Median of the "concrete but non- visual

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planned for the professional training of those who have

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The newly elected officers. President Daniel, Vice-Presidents

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had been without assistance. She never quite recovered her usual

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"Much more could be written of the splendid humanitarian work

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accept it under and subject to the terms which are made a part of

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Cancer of the breast. Figures which show that education can

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Through the kindness of Mrs. Henry Lee Smith, of Balti-

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for the purpose of demonstrating the truth of these premises. To the labora-

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infantilen resp. juvenilen Schichtungstypus, Vorkommen cellularer Jugend-

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with yellow fever. I am advised that Nuevo Laredo has two other

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ern progress in all branches of medicine and surger}^ The special-

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and Weigert's glia mordant, the remaining portions were fixed

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derness, especially in epigastric and hypochondriac

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A.B. and A.M., University of Missouri, 1915 and 1916; Medical Student,

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abscess cavity with pyogenic organisms before the walls are able '

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with an average age of 45 years and an average brain weight of

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individual is thus poisoned on the same principle of the person

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the wound was closed. Operation, Nov. 20, 1902, for

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A survey of the incidence and types of thyroid enlargements in

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The word anaemia is a misnomer and serves to perpetuate an

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ness, saying these books mil be sent the ^^Red-Back^' for review,

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Try some on your tooth brush. "No family should be without it."

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leaving 1% units elective. Elective Courses, afternoons, 2-4.30.

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IV. Genito-Urinary Surgery — Dr. F. W. Hobelman, Dis-

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Dear Doctor: Enclosed please find money order for $1.00 as

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