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waren als die Meinigen, konnte somit nur ein 'jjartieller Pn.-th.

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Aiif diejenigen Falle, wo eine andere Krankheit einen Lungen-

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discussed; in these .sleep states the psychological

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against unnecessary, if not criminal, surgery that had

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(l Fall). Schultze, Zur Diagnostik und operativen Behandlung der

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was inchak'd because of its striking resemblance to the

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unmoglich unter solchen Umstanden einen Tumor mit irgend

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number of the most prominent men here, physicians and

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anj' case of well-marked symmetrical tumor that was

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5. * ScHLOE.S8.M.\NN. T}ie Soluble Proteids of the Feces.

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font ressortir ses effets anti-convulsifs. Wechsler constata sou-

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treatment of infective foci, namely, of tlw; middle ear,

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1863. Obersteiner, Anleitung beim Studium des Baues der nervosen

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The proper application of a screw implied the .selec-

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deal of food without (â– xorcisc and who was soft and

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in the pat.'s condition, but terminating this time in the recovery

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The fact that a few rodent ulcers have been precancerous lesion and the location of the

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absence for six ilavs from Aug. 7, 1906. Aug. 7, 19(J6.

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stage of the severe types of the disease, is not, of

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A young physician's lighthearted take on an imaginary medical forbear

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the Bowel, with a Consideration of Various Forms of Benign

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the tubercle bacilli in the blood may be the real cause

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1. Fraenkel, E. Infantile Scorbutus. (Continued article.)

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regarded at least as strongly suggestive of evidences

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decided to submit the cases in e%idence of the value of

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also 1 turned back a large bone-flap, going in over

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Dr. W. M. G1B.S0N, Utica: I stated in my paper that

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phine, strychnine, etc., as the reducing body after

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