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scharf. Unter Sclionung der Kaudafasern wiirde so viel als

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Die soeben angefiihrten Versuche, die steigende Mortalitat in

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Professor Osier, in his Harveian oration ' has demon-

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»nicht mehr bewegens. und beim Versuche sich aufzurichten haben

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hatten totale Synechien iiber den bronchiectatischen Teilen der

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26. Wrede, L.: O.iteomyelitis due to Transportation of

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Beobacbtung eine, wenn icb so zu sagen darf, elegante und diirfte

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emotions even in health as a factor which when exag-

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from liver, gall bladder and brain remained sterile.

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festations, those ai)pertaining to the superficial layiTs

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Vietor, Agnes C. Introduction to the study of the fundamental

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umfassten, wurde die Luxationsstellung der r. Hiifte entdeckt

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Dieser Fall prasentiert sich, wenn wir ihn zuerst nur von eineni

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greater change than the normal comes about, and the new reaction

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study of injuries of the various peripheral nerves,

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precautions should be takon against a secret foe of pestilence and

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The projectile was surrounded by a strong capsule of connective

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aloin tests were more delicate if fat were first re-

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now shows no evidence of lymphoid tissue at the site

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3/. Hindhede u. F. Landmann: Ernahrungsuntersuchungen in der Obstbau-

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in 70 eases. In 2:i of these the colon bacillus was found;

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surgeon ordered the patient's removal to the Worcester

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upon the changes in the bone marrow as .secondary and

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condition. There was, however, very little A'omiting.

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marked tonsillar involvement with fever and malaise

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able. There is, indeed, no sufficient reason for supposing that

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caused by the isolation of the acti^'ity disappears. Indeed, the

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Brauers Beitr. H, h. 1 — 2. 1920. — Luxembourg, H., Mitteil.

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nal cavity in the same direction, L e., from above;

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letter, stating that for two j-cars she had jjcen siilTcriii};

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Ganglien und postganglioniiren Fasern unberiihrt blieben.

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peripherisch verliiuft, die anderen unbekannte Wege ziehen. Es

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and results, especially recommending radiographic exami-

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chirurgischer Behandlung. Dass die Schwierigkeiten bei der

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des Aqucedudus Sylvii hineingestulpt (s. Textfigur). Die Cyste

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anatomical and pathological diagnosis must be aimed

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t rcatnient is better. Malignant syphilis is that form of the

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