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29 per mille. when the room congestion was only 3.5 to each room

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eighth month of her twelfth confinement. On arriving I

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fection was by public prostitutes, in 1,056 (74 — percent.)

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ria were all grown under identical conditions, name-

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where boards can be convened. Due consideration will be

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19th, -f-; October loth, -f ; October 23d, — (few cells).

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old boy successfully treated by injections of human blood

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in the history and lore of ancient philosophic dog-

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sible in the limits of this notice to enumerate the

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Genitourinary Surgeon, People's Hospital, West Side German

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held guilty of violation of the 62nd Article of War.

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and to extinguish life in all animals not specially

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those with definite physiological inferiority and that

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detected and it was stated that there had not been any.

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ing to the length of its duration, and the activity of

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moderate tension, with a sterile needle I very gently

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of physical salvation sufficed to neutralize the de-

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ing venereal infection' Is complete sexual abstinence

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Olhausen. — In Harrisonburg, Virginia, on Saturday,

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largely from the locality in which the institution is

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fic gravity, 1.020; albumin present; sugar none; hyaline

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circulatory, and urinary diseases ; to a lesser extent

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one tissue to another where the transplanted tissue

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trigeminal is affected is a very remarkable fact, see-

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crisis has not yet come, but pains and other troti-

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No blood tests were made. The urine examination was

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pose to a relapse into the original condition during

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elected as follows: President, Dr. E. A. Scofield. of

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the fallacies of witchcraft faith and doctrine, has

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a course in interna) medicine has been added. There

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class of waiters, however, was still confronted with

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ferred) attributed the death of aconitin poisoning to

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against extension and a fibrous wall has been erect-

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ber 4th, Dr. John W. Dashiell, aged ninety-three years.

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upon Physicians with all their defects : But if a man

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as to be actually insane, I will quote the charge of

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